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    • Beschreibung

    1. Technische Spezifikation
    Produktmodell: XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling
    XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling rig take the self-driving chassis, die Energieeinsparung des Hydrauliksystems, elektrohydraulische Proportionalsteuerung und lastempfindliche Steuerung, eine Reihe modernster Steuerungstechnik und der Firma ’ s proprietäre Technologie. Die wichtigsten Leistungsparameter und Die Steuerungstechnik haben die führende. Hydrauliksystem, elektrische Anlage, transmission system and other the main parts are the international famous brand products, which are the high reliability.

    2. Performance characteristics
    (1). Our company choose the imported VOLVO electronic-injection engine, whose fuel consumption rate is low. The double engine power can reach 788 kW, which ensure that the drill can be used in all kinds of complicated geological conditions, complete pipe-laying operation. The single engine can complete vehicles of all action.
    (2). Hydraulic system adopts the advanced energy-saving circuit and load sensitive control and electrohydraulic proportional control, mehrere moderne Steuerungstechnik. The main components adopt imported products, which are energy efficient and reliable.
    (3). Self-driving caterpillar chassis. Passing ability is Power. Transportation is convenient.
    (4). Hydraulic system is equipped with large flow and high precision and high pressure filter, which ensure drill used for a long time.
    (5). Power head adopt gear rack pinion push and pull, stufenlose Drehzahlregelung, smooth and efficient work.
    (6). Identity of welding drill stand, which can adapt to the different lengths of drill pipe.
    (7). Drill sliding use cylinder push and pull. Construction Angle adjustment is convenient.
    (8) Optional: 5 tons lorry crane is easy to use.
    (9) Standard-option: vice cameras. When disassembling drill pipe, operator vision is good and easy to operate.
    (10). Vice is adjustable to clamp force. It is adapt to more drill pipe.
    (11). Configuration of slurry recycling equipment can keep the site neat and do not pollute the environment.
    (12). The drift diameter slurry rotary joint keep the more flow of the slurry.
    (13). Rotation and push-pull using digital remote pressure adjusting technology. Pressure setting and adjustment is convenient and fast.
    (14). Option: high-end operating room with air conditioning where the drill operators can work comfortably

    3. Technische Parameter

    Artikel Technische Parameter
    Engine producer Volvo
    Motorleistung 394 kW / 1800 X 2
    Back to drag/feeding force 5000/5000 kN
    Macht Kopf maximales Drehmoment 160000N.m
    Power head rpm 0-90
    Push and pull speed 28m/min
    Drill stem length (Einzelnen) 9.6m
    Drill stem diameter ¢168
    Slurry maximum flow 3000L/min(external drive)
    Slurry maximum pressure 200Bar
    traveling speed 0.9km/h
    Gesamtgewicht 52000kg
    Außenmaß(L*W*H) 17500*2500*3600mm
    The weight of operating room 2000kg
    Dimension of operating room(L*W*H) 3500*2400*2500


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