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XZ960E HDD wurde auf der BICES vorgestellt 2019

September 6, 2019

Am 4.-7. September, das 15. China (Peking) Internationale Baumaschinen, Baustoffmaschinen- und Bergbaumaschinen-Ausstellung und Technologieaustauschkonferenz (BICES 2019) fand im neuen China International Exhibition Center in Peking statt. Als weltweit führender Hersteller von grabenlosen Produkten und als erster heimischer Hersteller die unabhängige Forschung und Entwicklung und Produktion von Drehbohrgeräten zu realisieren, XCMG Foundation took the XZ960E horizontal directional drilling machine and made a stunning appearance at the Beijing Exhibition.

XCMG XZ960E horizontal directional drilling machine is a one-piece full self-loading design. It adopts a number of advanced control technologies and XCMG proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and control technology have reached the domestic leading level. It is another new member of XCMG E series horizontal directional drilling machine.

XCMG XZ960E horizontal directional drilling machine has five technical highlights, becoming the most dazzling rookie of XCMG’s basic E series.

It adopts several advanced control technologies such as closed energy-saving circuit, hydraulic pilot control and load-sensing control to save energy and reduce noise, und die Bedienung ist flexibel und komfortabel;

The rack and pinion push and pull to ensure the running stability and transmission reliability of the power head. The power head floats greatly to protect the drill pipe thread and improve the service life of the drill pipe;

High and low speed push-pull rotary system, plunger variable motor realizes power head push-pull high and low speed, increases the adaptability of drilling rig working conditions, and improves construction efficiency;

Push-pull and rotary adopt multi-output technology, engine high-pressure common rail, full electronic control module technology, System-Energiesparen, and efficient construction;

Die Maschine verfügt über ein großes Sehfeld, single/double handle mode and wire-controlled proportional walking system, which is comfortable, effiziente und sichere.

XCMG “E” series horizontal directional drilling rig integrates the concept of “leading technology without destroying” and the customersdevelopment, Intelligenz, economy, ecology, environment and income. XCMG XZ960E horizontal directional drilling machine adopts high-pressure common rail and full electric control module technology. The system is energy-saving, efficient in construction, and the construction efficiency is increased by 30%. Zur gleichen Zeit, semi-automatic drill pipe loading and unloading device can be selected, Das kann erheblich verbessern Aufbau-Leistungsfähigkeit und verringern Arbeitsintensität.

As the main pillar product of XCMG, the horizontal directional drilling machine has always been the key development and cultivation of XCMG. So früh wie 2002, XCMG launched the first ZD1245 fully automatic intelligent horizontal directional drilling machine with independent intellectual property rights in China. It broke the pattern of high-end horizontal directional drilling machines relying on imports. For more than ten years, XCMG’s series of horizontal directional drilling rigs have been recognized and trusted by customers.

XCMG horizontal directional drilling product line not only designs and develops for special working conditions, but also provides corresponding improvement and adjustment according to different product requirements to meet more subdivided and differentiated needs, such as double-drilling for small space and hard rock construction. Rod horizontal directional drilling rig.

According to Zhang Zhonghai, stellvertretender Geschäftsführer der XCMG Foundation, since 2012, XCMG’s horizontal directional drilling has continued to maintain the number one position in the industry. Bis jetzt, der Marktanteil hat fast erreicht 50%. Letztes Jahr, Es erreicht die Skala des Verkaufs von 1,500 Sets für das ganze Jahr. To more than 70 Länder und Regionen.

Looking back on the past, with the vision of “becoming a world-leading and value-creating company in the field of basic and related geotechnical drilling equipment”, XCMG Foundation has been investing a lot of energy in product innovation and product development for nearly a decade.

Looking forward to the future, XCMG Foundation will vigorously improve product quality and reliability, intelligente Aktualisierung von Produkten zu realisieren, and provide complete sets of construction equipment with high quality and reasonable price for our customers; specialize in the development of pile machinery, trenchless machinery, mining machinery, The energy exploration machinery field has handed over more answers to customer satisfaction!

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