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  1. Introduction

XZ320D horizontal directional drilling rig has compact structure and beautiful appearance. It adopts a number of advanced control technologies and our company’s proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and control technologies have reached the international advanced level. The main components such as hydraulic system, electrical system and transmission system are selected from domestic and foreign brand products with high reliability.


  1. Technical characteristics

1) Powerful: using 160 / 140kW high-horsepower engine to ensure that the rig can complete pipe laying operations under various complex geological conditions.

2) Two-speed power head: Low-speed operation during drilling and dragging to ensure smooth construction; when the drill pipe is unloaded and returned, the power head can slide faster, reduce auxiliary time, and improve work efficiency

3) Steel tracks with rubber track pads: Minimal impact on roads, lawns and scenic spots.

4) Floating vise: The floating vise using our patented technology can effectively extend the service life of the drill pipe.

5) Rotatable operating table: increase the operator’s field of vision, reduce operator fatigue, and make the operation of the rig easier and more comfortable.

6) Auxiliary drill pipe loading and unloading device: it can reduce the auxiliary working time, improve the efficiency of the whole machine, and reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

7) Convenient maintenance: Reasonable design of engine cover, simple and convenient for engine maintenance and replacement of filter element in hydraulic system.

8) Flexible and diverse configuration to meet container transportation

9) Double floating patented technology, the service life of drill pipe is increased by 30%

10) Hydraulic pilot operation system, humanized layout, flexible and comfortable operation

11) Steel track and rubber block, greatly improve the terrain adaptability of the host

12) Imported travel reducer, non-excavation-dedicated chassis wheel train, reliability has been greatly improved

13) Large oil cylinder, triangular luffing support, super stability

14) High degree of automation: Fully-automatic and semi-automatic grippers are optional

① The full-automatic drill pipe box has a large capacity, and can be further added with drill pipes, which can meet the needs of construction length indefinitely

② Simple semi-automatic structure and high reliability

15) XCMG’s proprietary patented power head floating and vise floating technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread

①Vise and power head double floating, increase the service life of drill pipe by 30%

② The large-bore clamping oil cylinder guarantees perfect shackle and greatly improves construction efficiency.


3. Product construction case

Malay Wild West Sewage Pipeline Network and Electricity Pipeline Network Laying


Geological conditions: clay, sand

Construction pipe diameter: φ500PE pipe

Construction distance: 180m


4. Technical Parameters

Pushing force: 320kN

Push-pull maximum speed: 15m / min

Rotating torque: 12000N · m

Maximum rotating speed: 140r / min

Travel speed of power head: 20m / min

Maximum reaming diameter: φ800mm

Digging angle: 10-20 °

Maximum flow of mud pump: 320L / min

Maximum pressure of mud pump: 8Mpa

Engine model: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C205

Engine rated power: 153kW / r / min

Drill rod (single): φ73mm * 3000m

Total weight: 11500kg

Dimensions: 7100 * 2250 * 2450mm

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