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  1. Introduction

XZ450 horizontal directional drilling rig is a fully self-loading integrated design. It adopts a number of advanced control technologies such as closed energy-saving circuits, hydraulic pilot control, load-sensitive control, and our proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and control technologies have reached domestic leading Level. The main components of hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electrical control system and so on are selected from domestic and foreign brand products with reliable quality.

  1. Highlights

1) The power head rotation system adopts a number of advanced control technologies such as closed energy-saving circuits, load-sensitive control, and electro-hydraulic proportional control.

2) Power head push-pull system load-sensitive control, open-type energy-saving circuit, high efficiency and reliability;

3) The floating spline shaft of the power head can greatly protect the thread of the drill pipe and increase the service life of the drill pipe by 30%;

4) The main components are selected from products from well-known international and domestic manufacturers, such as Sauer, Brevini, Eaton, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of the mainframe

5) Optional power-increasing device to double the dragging force of the power head to meet the special needs of customers;

6) Wire-controlled walking to ensure the safety of the walking process;

7) Optional fully-automatic and semi-automatic drilling rod loading and unloading devices can greatly improve construction efficiency and reduce labor intensity;

Full-automatic gripper: The gripper box can accommodate 8 drill rods, which can be added to meet the needs of long-distance construction

Semi-automatic gripper: simple structure and good reliability

8) Single handle, hydraulic pilot control, comfortable operation and flexible adjustment ability. Free your left hand, integrated instruments and buttons, sensitive and lightweight operation;

9) The closed plunger system uses imported advanced pumps such as the main pumps from Sau, Australia, closed energy-saving circuits, load-sensitive control, and electro-hydraulic proportional control.

10) Safe and convenient operation, optional 2 ton and 3 ton truck-mounted cranes;

11) The clamping method of the long bolts of the clamping cylinder flange improves the force of the cylinder and effectively reduces the damage to the cylinder caused by the force.

  1. Technical Parameters

Pushing force: 38m/min

Push-pull maximum speed: 38m/min

Rotation torque: 23500N·m

Maximum rotation speed: 135r/min

Maximum flow of mud pump: 450L/min

Maximum pressure of mud pump: 8/10Mpa

Engine model: Cummins 6CTA8.3-C260

Engine rated power: 194kW/r/min

Drill pipe size: φ89mm*4500m

Total Weight: 13.3 Ton

Dimensions: 8800*2280*2610mm

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