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  • Equipo de perforación horizontal direccional de XCMG XZ320D

    Potencia del motor(kW) 119

    Esfuerzo de torsión máximo (N.m) 12000

    Fuerza de tracción trasera de Max(kN) 200

    Tamaño de la pipa(mm * mm) 70*3000

    • Descripción

    Modelo: XZ320D XCMG Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

    Fabricante: XCMG

    XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment possess compact, alto rendimiento, full-featured features. It takes the gear rack pushing&pulling. Its main performance parameters and control technology has reached the international advanced level. Its hydraulic system, sistema de alimentación, walking system and other major components are selected international first-class brands, with good performance, good reliability advantages.


    ONE. highlights introduction

    1.XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment has strong power. It uses 153kW high-power EUROIII emission standard engine. This engine power strong enough to ensure that rigs in a variety of complex geological conditions to complete the pipe laying operations;

    2.XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment using the rack and pinion push-pull approach. This design to ensure the stability of the power head and drive the reliability of the transmission;

    3.XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment power head and vice being double floating patented technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread, mejorar la vida útil de la tubería de perforación;

    4, diseño de la optimización del sistema hidráulico para lograr la rotación de la cabeza de poder, control de dos velocidades de vaivén, y aumentar la adaptabilidad de las condiciones para mejorar la eficiencia de la plataforma de perforación de perforación;

    5, Support customer demanding diversification, la máquina puede ser equipada con transmisión automática (semi-automatica) sistema de carga de la pipa de taladro, automatic anchoring device, cabin, air conditioning, arranque en frío, mud antifreeze, mud cleaning,mud saving ects

    TWO Technical Mentroduction

    1, el sistema del motor

    XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment adopts Cummins engineering machinery dedicated turbocharged engine. Es de gran alcance, energy-saving and efficient, can meet the national phase II emission standards;

    Engine model 6BTAA5.9-C205

    Rated power 153kW

    Engine maximum torque 870 N.m / (1400r / min)

    Velocidad nominal 2000 r / min

    Meet the Emission Standard II of China

    Fuel tank effective volume of 260L


    2, cabeza de la energía, vise

    The XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment achieve pushing&pulling by rack and pinion. XCMG’s patented power head and vise double floating technology, greatly reducing the operator’s operation difficulty. And the effective protection of the drill pipe thread, make drill pipe life increased by 30%; four motor drive to achieve a large torque rotation and large cylinder fastening and rotation to ensure that the drill shackle flexible and convenient.


    3, the hydraulic system

    The main hydraulic components (pumps, valves, motors, cylinders) are used international first-class brands with good performance and high reliability;The hydraulic system adopts the multi-pump coordination to complete the whole machine action, and reasonably matches the engine power; the power head rotation and the push-pull two-speed control can improve the construction efficiency. Push-pull two-speed control can improve construction efficiency.

    Hydraulic oil tank volume is 230L.


    4, el chasis

    XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment adopts high-quality steel track (with rubber plate), can adapt to different venues,with high reliability; frog-leg structure and large fuel tank support are with good stability characteristics; large torque walking reducer with superior performance makes walking speed reach 2.8km / h.

    Track width of 2150 mm

    Track width 400mm

    Banda de rodadura 2140 mm

    The number of rollers is 2 × 6

    Climbing 30%

    Walking speed of 2.8km / h

    Average ground pressure 63.6kPa


    5.mud pump system


    XZ320D XCMG horizontal directional drilling equipment equipped with Hengyang or Leike 320L / min large flow mud pump, to provide a strong and powerful mud flow. Hengyang or Leike 320L / min high-flow mud pump ensures smooth and safe operating. Mud pump system equipped with manual pressure relief device can effectively avoid the shackle during the phenomenon of mud jet; also available in winter with the construction of mud antifreeze device, Aparatos de limpieza y válvula de la mezcla para mejorar la construcción de la conveniencia de anfitrión del fango.

    Flujo de mezcla máxima 320L / min

    Presión máxima de lodo 80bar


    6, la consola, la cabina (opcional), equipos de manipulación de tubos de perforación (opcional), dispositivo de anclaje (opcional)

    El operador ’ confort moderno y el diseño racional del instrumento se consideran completamente durante el proceso de construcción. La cabina y el acondicionador de aire puede reducir la intensidad de trabajo y mejorar la eficacia del trabajo. Semi-automatic auxiliary drill pipe handling equipment or automatic drill pipe handling equipment selection can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Fully automatic drill rod handling device can be equipped with 27 ¢ 73 monolithic drill pipe. Automatic anchoring device matching, improve the degree of automation, reducir intensidad de trabajo.

    Cab size 1350 × 850 × 1550mm


    • Drilling pipe,drilling accessories(opción) specification


    Nombre Tipo style Tamaño Remark
    Drilling pipe Intergral


    ¢73mm × 3m 73
    Welding type
    Drilling accessories Back reamer BARREL ¢300mm XCMG
    Nombre Tipo Estilo Tamaño remark
    Drill accessories Back reamer FLUTED ¢300mm XCMG
    Accesorios PILOT DRILLING 73
    start rod 73
    manga de par 73
    left-hand nut 73
    male pull head 73
    Cabeza de mujer pull 73
    swivel 32T
    Sistema de mezcla slurry mixing system 2M3 Shanghai
    Device Guidance F1 Falcon DCI
    Jindi 350
    Jindi 600
    Detector de 8000 UK Radio


    Three. Parámetro principal

    Artículo Spe
    Motor Fabricante Cummins
    Modelo 6BTAA5.9-C205
    Potencia nominal 153 kW / 2000 r/min
    Tire y empuje de cabeza de poder Tipo Rack&Pinion
    Maximum drag force / feed force 320/320 kN
    power head rotation Tipo Four-motor drive
    Power head max torque 12000 N·m
    Power head rotation 0~125r/min
    Drilling pipe Diámetro φ73 mm
    Longitud(single unit) 3m
    Ángulo de ajuste 10~20°
    A pie en coche Tipo Self walking steel track
    walking speed 2.8km/h
    Bomba de lodo type hydraulic drive 320L/min


    Four.Main parts supplier

    Nombre Fabricante
    Motor Cummins
    Bomba principal Tianjin PERMCO
    Bomba auxiliar Tianjin PERMCO
    Rotación,Presione&motor de tracción EATON
    Presione&pull reducer XCMG
    Pista Quanzhou Juli
    Reductor de poca Eaton/Dagang INI




    Overall size 6500×2250×2450 mm

    Operating weight 10.5T

    If cabin,self anchoring,self pipe loading system chosen

    Overall size 6800×2280×2450 mm

    Operating weight 11.5T



    Six.Documents with machine


    XZ320D packing documents

    Product certification

    Instruction Manual

    Product spare parts Atlas


    Engine warranty card

    Mud pump instruction manual

    Lista de embalaje (including wearing parts and spare parts list, vehicle tools list, transport parts list)


    Seven.XZ320D XCMG Horizontal directional drilling equipment main machine equipping explanation

    Nombre. Optional function XZ320D standard Opción
    Motor 6BTAA5.9-C205 YES
    Arranque en frío YES
    Anchoring system Simple anchoring YES
    Single self anchoring NO YES
    Double self anchoring NO YES
    Mud pump system Mud anti frozen NO YES
    Limpieza del lodo NO YES
    Pipe loading system Half auto pipe loading system NO YES
    Full auto pipe loading system NO YES
    Cabina Simple canopy NO YES
    Cabina(coll&warm) NO YES


    Nota: the product with technical progress will continue to improve, the difference will be in when ordering.

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