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XCMG Máquina HDD de gran tonelaje de XCMG cruza fácilmente el río Songhua

Octubre 25, 2019

En aproximadamente 14 en punto el de octubre 12, el oleoducto transversal del proyecto de abastecimiento de agua del río Songhua en el río Songhua, Harbin, fue aclamado como el "desgaste discográfico". Un tubo de acero con un diámetro de 813 mm y una longitud de 3,000 m pasó a través del río. Otro “super proyecto” se ganó con éxito!

The geological conditions of the Songhua River are sand and clay layers. This time, it faces super long-distance guidance, ultra-long-distance reaming, and ultra-long-distance custody. It is called “super engineering”.

Ultra-long-distance guidance means that the guiding construction is difficult and the drill pipe breakage is prone to occur.

The ultra-long-distance reaming means that the reaming torque is large, and it is easy to disassemble the drill pipe.

The ultra-long-distance tow tube, and the curved section of the horizontal trajectory of the hole has 4 points, which means that it is easy to increase the drag resistance when the tube is towed.

En “super proyecto” is the XCMG XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling machine. XCMG XZ5000 has stable and reliable performance and can work continuously for a long time at full load. This product successfully passed through the Gulf of Malaysia in 2014. The pipeline needs to be welded 5 times during the towing process, creating a miracle in the history of non-excavation construction. Sin embargo, the distance of 3,000 metros, ultra-long-distance construction and reaming and towing are a new challenge for XCMG.

In response to the actual situation of the Songhua River, the XCMG Technical Service Support Team developed a targeted construction plan and adjusted and optimized it during actual construction.

At 12 o’clock on the evening of October 8, the pipeline was officially pulled back. When the pipeline was pulled into the hole at 1370 metros, the starting pressure of the pipeline suddenly reached 480 tons, which was close to the limit of 500 tons of drilling rigs. Keep an eye on the construction process and wait and see.

When the pipe was pulled into the hole at 2320 metros, the drag resistance of the pipe started to increase to 500 tons. En este momento, the pipe backing lasted for 58 horas, and the pipe stayed in the hole for one minute and increased the risk. En este caso, the XCMG XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling machine demonstrates its true strength. XCMG horizontal directional drilling machine has a certain amount of margin when designing. The on-site technical service support team raised the maximum returning force of the XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling machine to 530 tons, and continued to drag the pipeline again. Después 85 hours of fighting, the 3,000-meter pipeline was dragged into the hole and the construction was completed.

3000 metros, 85 horas, successfully passed through the Songhua River, the construction party gave a thumbs up to Xu workers, and many experts who participated in the project’s directional drilling rig large-scale crossing project were convinced by the XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling machine, and repeatedly praised: “XCMG XZ5000 level The directional drilling rig can continue working under full load to ensure the success of the pipeline, and once again create a record of full-loaded towing pipelines in China. To climb the summit, you need this kind of ‘uselessquality!”

Behind the success is XCMG’s determination, inheritance and development of the “artisan spirit” for excellence, efficient execution and pursuit of excellence. Behind the conquest of one “one super project” is the basis of XCMG’s perseverance, courage to explore and breakthrough. The persistence, practice and responsibility of theartisan spirit”!

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