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Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine HDD Use Hydraulic Triple Gear Pump

Horizontale Richtungsbohrmaschine HDD verwenden hydraulische Dreizahnradpumpe

HDD Use Hydraulic Triple Gear Pump for XCMG/Drillto/Dw/Txs/Goodeng Machine/Dilong/Vermeer/Zoomlion/Terra/Ditch Witch/Toro/Huayuan Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig/Water Well Drilling Rig Gear Pump Gear Oil Pump Gear Motor CBGJ3140/3063/2050 Features Simple structure: it mainly consists of two parts: the theme cam and the dividing disc turret Turning device: when indexing or stopping, the scroll is fixed at the set position

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