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Hydraulic Multiway Proportional Directional Control Valve for XCMG/Drillto/DW/TXS/Goodeng Machine/Dilong/Vermeer/Zoomlion/Terra HDD Drilling Rigs

Hydraulisches Mehrweg-Proportional-Wegeventil für XCMG/Drillto/DW/TXS/Goodeng Machine/Dilong/Vermeer/Zoomlion/Terra HDD-Bohrgeräte

The multi-way reversing valve group of horizontal directional drilling rig is composed of 3 valve plates, which respectively control the rotation of the motor, the rapid advance and retreat and normal advance and retreat of the propulsion cylinder, and the hydraulic clamp. There is a diverter valve inside the valve group, which divides the pressure oil into three paths, one

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