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HDD Drill Rig SAMHYDRAULIK H2V 108 SL 2/1 H7V108 OE SAO RE N24 Hydraulic Motor for Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

Equipo de perforación HDD SAMHYDRAULIK H2V 108 SL 2/1 H7V108 OE SAO RE N24 Motor hidráulico para taladradora direccional horizontal

Rotary, push-pull SAMHYDRAULIK hydraulic motor,is applied to trenchless horizontal directional drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, drilling platform, hoisting, mooring and other machinery. H2V108SL2/1,H7V108OESAOREN24,SH7V160SARREE160/70.,H2V160SF2R2EM+PE58/160SAENBRVCD Italian Sam H2V 108 SL 2/1 H7V108 OE SAO RE N24 hydraulic motor 1. The radial plunger hydraulic motor has a five-plunger structure with a lower excitation frequency of the eccentric shaft, so it has low noise

Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs HDD High Speed Hydraulic Rotary Plunger Motor

Plataformas de perforación direccional horizontal HDD Motor de émbolo rotativo hidráulico de alta velocidad

Product Features Excellent inhalation properties: Swash plate axial piston variable displacement pump; Stepless variable can be realized by adjusting the angle of the swash plate; excellent suction characteristics; compact structure design, light weight and low noise; Controls are responsive: The control is sensitive; the flow rate of the hydraulic pump is proportional to the speed and displacement of the pump; …

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