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Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD Use Rigs Push-pull Rotary Reducer

Perforación direccional horizontal HDD Usar plataformas Reductor rotativo push-pull

HDD Use Push-pull Rotary Reducer for XCMG/Drillto/Dw/Txs/Goodeng Machine/Dilong/Vermeer/Zoomlion/Terra/Ditch Witch/Toro/Huayuan Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs Horizontal directional drilling rig push-pull/rotary reducer Our non-excavation drilling rig/horizontal directional drilling push-pull/feed reducer/reducer assembly can be used in various types of horizontal directional drilling rigs of XCMG XZ200E/320E/320D/450 and Shenzhen Drilling, with strong versatility and high performance reliable. It can also provide various spare parts sales

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    Wuhan Yichao Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. es un proveedor profesional de direccional horizontal perforación. Somos distribuidor autorizado de XCMG y tiene casi 10 años de tubería sin zanja.


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