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HDD Horizontal Directional DrillingUnderground Trenchless Detection Tool MAG3 Crossbore Detector with Locating/Guidance System

Herramienta de detección subterránea sin zanja de perforación direccional horizontal Detector de perforación cruzada MAG6 con sistema de localización / guía

Product Highlights 1.High precision and high anti-inter- ference Faraday shield 3d antenna structure. 2.Industrial rated gold-plated indus- trial rated electronic modules. 3.High-performance DSP. 4.2 En 1 locating system, functioning as two locators independently tracking to provide better accuracy and reliability. 5. UpgradeTransmitter:ECHO50/ ECHO60/ECHO70/ECHO90/ECHO1 1 0 6.Up to 110m depth range and up to 120 hours continuous usage. 7.Apply the most

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