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Stainless Steel Roller Leaf Chain LH2066,LH2088,LH2888,LH2466,LH2488,28A-3,32A-3.24A-2,36A-3,LH1666,LH1688 for HDD Drilling Rig

Cadena de hoja de rodillo de acero inoxidable LH2066, LH2088, LH2888, LH2466, LH2488, 28A-3, 32A-3.24A-2,36A-3, LH1666, LH1688 para plataforma de perforación HDD

Widely used in HDD Machine,automotive lifting,forklift,textile machinery,green vehicles,rail freight elevator.Traction,balancing mechanism,etcetera. Features Wear-resistant and durable: the alloy steel material is strong and wear-resistant, with strong tensile resistance and strong wear resistance. High strength and hardness: After carburizing and quenching treatment, the product has high surface hardness and long service life. Strong traction ability: tailor-made, excellent interchangeability, high strength, high fatigue, …

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