» Блог » Uphold the national economy and livelihood of the people! Горизонтальная направленная буровая установка XCMG помогает Хучжоу “основной проект”

Поддерживать национальную экономику и средства к существованию населения! Горизонтальная направленная буровая установка XCMG помогает Хучжоу “основной проект”

November 19, 2020

At the construction site of the Huzhou Huyan Highway Expansion ProjectSewage Pipe Reconstruction Project, the XCMG XZ1350 horizontal directional drilling rig is doing trenchless operations in an orderly manner!

Huzhou Huyan Highway Expansion Project Sewage Pipe Reconstruction Project is the top priority of the Huzhou citizen’s livelihood renovation project. It is a key project related to the sewage discharge of the entire Huzhou City. It is driven by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee. It is also known as one of the “primary projectsof Huzhou City in 2020.

XCMG XZ1350 horizontal directional drilling rig can drill 1000 meters in about a week, and it perfectly overcomes traditional stubborn problems such as hole collapse and pipe burst during construction, and completes drilling and towing operations with quality and quantity!

This is not the first major project undertaken by XCMG XZ1350. Since 2019, this equipment has been in the hands of the customer, Mr. Liu, and has been “inviting continuously”. Over the past year, he has been involved in the construction of large and small projects in Zhejiang Province and has won the favor of customers. “XCMG’s equipment is of great quality. I have also brought several machines from other factories before. This is the most efficient drilling machine for our car, which has few breakdowns, which is worry-free!”

From the world’s largest tonnage XZ13600 horizontal directional drilling rig that helped the Sino-Russian Eastern Route “Head of State Projectto this XZ1350, which worked hard and intensively on the soil of Zhejiang Province, XCMG’s horizontal directional drilling rig not only carried the “national plan”, but also effectively helped“People’s livelihood”, the gold standard of “leading technology, no regretshas been tested in a major and important project, and the reputation and responsibility of Daguo Heavy Equipment has been demonstrated in high-quality and efficient construction!


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