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Приближается зима, Как защитить hdD машину

Октября 18, 2019

  1. Reasonable choice of oil and antifreeze

1.1 Diesel

The temperature difference between the north and south of China is very large. If the diesel is improperly selected, there will be a phenomenon of “paraffin deposit”, which will affect the normal start of the engine. Different grades of diesel can be regarded as the temperature of diesel condensation point. The corresponding grade diesel should be correctly selected according to the local temperature to the regular gas station. Например, 0# diesel condensation temperature corresponds to 0 °С, и -10# diesel corresponds to -10 °С. Since the temperature of the wax is 6°C-7°C higher than the freezing point, generally 0# diesel is suitable for use at temperatures from 4°C to 8°C; -10# diesel is suitable for use at temperatures from -5°C to 4°C; 20# diesel is suitable for use at -14 ° C to 5 ° С.

1.2 Engine oil

According to the working environment temperature, choose the oil viscosity, and the engine oil needs to be filled with CH-4 and above. Pay attention to the following points:

1.2.1 It is strictly forbidden to mix oils with different labels.

In the winter, if the equipment needs to be replaced with different oils, all the old oil in the engine should be removed, and then the new oil should be added.

1.2.2 Mixing different brands of engine oil is strictly prohibited.

Different brands of oil will use different additive formulas. Mixed use may cause chemical reactions, reduce oil performance and affect the normal operation of the engine.

1.2.3 Heat the machine and put the oil on.

Before replacing the old oil, it is necessary to start the engine first and idle for a certain period of time, so that the engine oil temperature is close to the working temperature, and then replace the old oil.

1.2.4 Do not add more oil to the oil.

Вообще, the addition of the oil reaches the center line of the oil gauge (approximately 3cm). Excessive oil will increase the resistance of crankshaft rotation and oil consumption (commonly known as blue smoke), affecting the normal operation of the engine and causing unnecessary wear of the engine.

1.3 Antifreeze

XCMG horizontal directional drilling rig requires the use of long-acting organic antifreeze. Pay attention to the following points:

1.3.1 Do not mix antifreeze.

Different types of antifreeze have different freezing points due to different compositions. Поэтому, antifreeze should be selected according to the construction environment. Как правило, the freezing point of antifreeze should be lower than the local minimum temperature of 10-15 °С, so as to prevent the antifreeze from losing its antifreeze function.

1.3.2 No water exchange

The water contains impurities, which cause precipitation and scale of the antifreeze, which ultimately affects the efficiency of the cooling system.

1.3.3 Do not touch the skin directly.

The glycol in the antifreeze is an organic solvent and has certain corrosive properties. Be careful not to touch the skin. If it is accidentally splashed, rinse it with plenty of water immediately.

1.3.4 Pay attention to internal cleaning before replacement.

Before replacing, ensure that the antifreeze is released cleanly and clean it with a little new antifreeze to avoid waterway corrosion.


  1. Engine winter considerations

2.1 Engine warm-up

At low temperatures, many devices encounter hard-to-fire problems at startup or suddenly turn off during work. The correct way to deal with this is: the key reverses to enable the engine intake warm-up function. После 30 seconds of warm-up, the engine is started. The time for starting the device is preferably controlled within 5 товары второго сорта, То есть, turning the key or pressing the start switch does not last. Too long. If it is unsuccessful to start 3 Раз, it should be stopped for a few minutes before starting to avoid damage to the battery.

Примечание: В настоящее время, XCMG horizontal directional drilling rig is equipped with an electronically controlled engine that meets China’s three-stage emission standard. The engine automatically detects the ambient temperature and intelligently preheats it.

2.2 Preheating of engine and hydraulic system

When the hydraulic oil is cold, the hydraulic device may be damaged if it is operated quickly. After starting the engine, it should be idle for 3 Кому 5 seconds to preheat the engine system and hydraulic system to ensure good lubrication of the whole machine. Slowly operate the equipment for low speed operation, and do not let the engine speed be too high.

2.3 Maintenance of horizontal horizontal directional drilling machine battery in winter

After the temperature is lowered, the storage capacity of the battery will be reduced. На этот раз, cover the quilt and other clothes to keep the battery warm, or directly remove it from the machine, store it indoors, and install it before the next day. If the battery electrolyte level is found to be too low, add distilled water or electrolyte before the next morning work. Do not add it after the day to prevent freezing at night.


  1. Mud system considerations

3.1 Mud pump discharge: After the construction is completed, the three plugs at the end of the mud pump should be dismantled, and a long steel bar should be selected to lift the lower steel ball to ensure that the mud inside the pump head is released cleanly, so as to prevent the mud from freezing in the pump body due to low temperature. , causing the pump body to burst;

3.2 Open the water discharge port of the mud system, release the residual mud in the pipeline to avoid mud icing and block the pipeline; the mud pump and rotary joint are regularly lubricated to ensure a good lubrication state;

3.3 Slowly start the mud pump after starting to reduce the wear of the mud pump piston;

3.4 It is forbidden to idling the mud pump.

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