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XCMG HDD Продвижение Встреча Сиань Церемония запуска успешно завершена

November 6, 2019

On February 16th, XCMG directional drilling rig product promotion meeting in Xi’an was successfully held in Xi’an, a beautiful ancient city. Более 150 industry experts, customers and suppliers gathered in Xi’an, and more than ten orders were obtained on the scene. The rig was the hot spot in the sales of Sanqin.

Mr. Zhang Zhonghai, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Foundation, gave a welcome speech

Mr. Zhang has issued a special dealer authorization for Shaanxi Ruiqichang Machinery Equipment Co., ООО.

At the meeting, XCMG basic technicians introduced XCMG’s full range of trenchless products to customers. Under the concept of “technical development and marketization”, the company launched “Eseries horizontal directional drilling rigs, paying more attention to customer construction needs and operating habits. The system is more efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe. The salesperson introduced the company’s promotion policy, and the on-site product subscription was very hot. On the spot, 11 horizontal directional drilling rigs were signed.

Mr. Zhang issued a golden key to the purchase customer

The directional drilling product promotion conference highlights the industry-leading technical capabilities and level of XCMG’s horizontal directional drilling rig design, R&D and manufacturing, laying a foundation for the E-series горизонтально-направленный сверлильный станок to open up a broader new world, and achieving a “open door”.

Ye Hui, Chairman of Shanxi Jitianli Power Communication Industry Group Co., Ltd., congratulated the successful completion of this conference, and specially sent the banner of “Quality and Service Leadership”.

The star product XZ360E horizontal directional drilling rig of this promotion meeting


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