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Trenchless Directional Drilling Knowledge

Trenchless Directional Drilling Knowledge

As early as around 1600 AD, there were bamboo brine pipes crossing rivers in Sichuan, China. In 1888, the United States used buoys to lay underwater pipelines. Directional drilling pipe laying technology is an advanced pipe laying technology developed abroad in the 1980s. This technology is an advanced non-excavation technology widely used internationally. It uses directional drilling under the soil …

How To Use And Maintain The Mud Pump For Directional Drilling?

How To Use And Maintain The Mud Pump For Directional Drilling?

1. Overview of mud pumps 1. Introduction The mud pump is a reciprocating plunger pump, which converts the rotation of the motor into the reciprocating linear movement of the crosshead and the piston through the crank connecting rod mechanism, and compresses the low-pressure mud into high-pressure mud. During the construction of directional drilling, the high-viscosity, high-density and high-sand-content mud is …


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