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How To Use And Maintain The Mud Pump For Directional Drilling?

How To Use And Maintain The Mud Pump For Directional Drilling?

1. Overview of mud pumps 1. Introduction The mud pump is a reciprocating plunger pump, which converts the rotation of the motor into the reciprocating linear movement of the crosshead and the piston through the crank connecting rod mechanism, and compresses the low-pressure mud into high-pressure mud. During the construction of directional drilling, the high-viscosity, high-density and high-sand-content mud is …

xcmg xz720e hdd rig

What If The Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Wades Through The Water?

If extreme weather is encountered during trenchless construction, what should be done after the horizontal directional drill is wading through the water? First check the integrity of the machine: observe a few more times around the machine to see if any parts are missing; if there is any blockage of foreign matter; if there is water. In particular, the foreign …

Horizontal Directional Drilling Is An Intuitive Means Of Geological Survey

Horizontal Directional Drilling Is An Intuitive Means Of Geological Survey

Horizontal directional drilling technology combines traditional geological survey core technology with horizontal directional drilling technology, supplemented by in-hole testing technology, which can intuitively and accurately understand the adverse geological conditions in front of the tunnel head. At present, this technology has been applied in the geological survey of tunnels at home and abroad, but it also has disadvantages such as …

Principle of Trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling

Principle of Trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling

Modern trenchless construction technology originated in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States in the late 1960s. Due to its technical advantages, it has been widely promoted all over the world. In 1986, the International Association for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) was established in London. -International Society for Trenchless technology). Trenchless construction techniques mainly include horizontal directional drilling construction and …

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Key Points of HDD Machine Mud Blending

A successful trenchless project requires not only high-performance equipment, but also construction skills. Among them, the mud deployment is very important. The mud mixing determines the success of the wall fixing and whether the drill pipe of HDD MACHINE can rotate smoothly. The following introduces some special geological mud mixing tips.1. Clay When the underground soil meets the clay, it …

XCMG horizontal directional drilling rig becomes popular again

On the morning of May 22, XCMG horizontal directional drilling rigs, known as ground-penetrators and traversing masters, once again set off an upsurge in Guangzhou, Yangcheng. The total value of the orders signed at the XCMG Trenchless Product Promotion Conference exceeded 10 million. The prospect of trenchless construction is broad Although the non-excavation technology using horizontal directional drilling rigs is …

Domineering, XCMG horizontal directional drilling rig runs through three rivers

XCMG XZ11600 horizontal directional drilling rig + XMP2800 mud pumping station, the super combination, helped Jiangsu to build the Yancheng Binhai LNG supporting gas pipeline Binhai-Xuyi project (Second Tender Section). The successful tow pipe marked the victory of the first battle of the Subei Irrigation Main Canal crossing project! 1.A hundred miles away, on-site and off-site linkage guidance In order …

XCMG reveal the list and take command again

Recently, the “hero posts” that have crossed the circle have become popular, but due to their length and construction difficulty, many excellent non-excavation industry insiders have been discouraged. XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig is unveiled! 1.Use strength as a “stepping stone” The “stepping stone” of this mega project is the outstanding performance of XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig …

The burrowing XCMG “Golden Mouse” became a “beautician”

XCMG “Golden Mouse” horizontal directional drilling rig, a well-known earth-drilling artifact, has become a “beautician” Say goodbye to the “spider web” of the aerial line, make the city more beautiful, and make the sky brighter… Recently, the XCMG horizontal directional drilling rig group, known as the “golden mouse”, has become a “beautician” in the “three-line ground” project in Shanxi! In …

1150 meters of gas pipeline was towed back in 11 hours

The diameter of the towed pipeline is 1422mm, the total length is 1150 meters, and it takes 11 hours to complete it. This is another masterpiece of XCMG XZ13600. The Tangshan Caofeidian gas pipeline project across the Great Alkaline Line is an important part of the Sino-Russian East Route natural gas pipeline project. It is located on the long and …


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