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XCMG XZ420E HDD Horizontal Directional Drill Machine

XCMG XZ420E HDD horizontal directional drill Technical Specification Product Model:XZ420E Horizontal Directional Drill(HDD) Manufacturer:XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Group Co.; Ltd. Xz420e HDD series horizontal directional drilling rig is a new drill integrating advanced technology, user experience and construction efficiency. It pays more attention to construction needs, operation habits and system energy saving. It is suitable for small tonnage models for …

3 XCMG E Series Products Unveiled at the 23rd China International Trench Excavation Exhibition

On April 12th, XCMG Foundation brought together three E-series new products XZ420E, XZ960E horizontal directional drilling machine and XDN1200 pipe jacking machine to make a wonderful appearance at the 23rd China International Trench Excavation Exhibition.The beautiful “Golden XCMG”, reliable products and the well-known “XCMG” brand make these products popular with many customers. Let’s take a closer look at the unique properties of …


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