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Introduction To Technology Of Non-excavation Pipeline Interpenetration Repair

March 15, 2023

Sliplining is the simplest method that can be used for structural and non-structural trenchless repair of pipelines. This method was used to renew the damaged pipeline in 1940. The experience of more than 70 years shows that the interpenetration method is a kind of pipeline renewal technology with good technical and economical efficiency, and has all the advantages of trenchless technology.
In the “Technical Regulations for Trenchless Repair and Renewal of Urban Drainage Pipelines” (CJJ/T 210-2014), the interspersed method is defined as placing a new pipe directly into the original pipe by pulling or pushing, and then inserting the new pipe into the new pipe. A pipeline repair method that deals with the gap between the liner and the original pipeline.
According to whether the liner is continuous before it is inserted into the original pipeline, the insertion method is divided into two processes: continuous insertion method and discontinuous insertion method. The liner pipe of the continuous insertion method is continuous, and its stress state in the process of entering the original pipeline is tension. Generally, the liner pipe is inserted into the original pipeline by pulling. The construction of the continuous insertion method generally requires excavating a working pit at the inlet end of the lining pipe to facilitate the insertion of the lining pipe. For small-diameter pipelines, it is not necessary to dig a working pit by using special pipes.
The insertion method of the discontinuous pipeline is that the liner is under pressure when it enters the original pipeline. The pressure of the lining causes it to enter the existing pipe. The discontinuous insertion method needs to decide whether to excavate a working pit according to the length of the pipe section and the way of entry. Generally, for a longer pipe section that is pushed into the original pipeline, a work pit needs to be excavated, while for a shorter pipe section that is pulled There is no need to excavate a working pit to enter the original pipeline in a square way.
The short pipe insertion method can be classified as a discontinuous insertion method. Its principle is to send a special short pipe into the original pipeline from the inspection well or working pit, and then pull the liner pipe that enters from the starting end through the pulling force at the terminal end. Pulling into the original pipeline, the lining pipe is under pressure during the whole process.
There is also a non-continuous interpenetrating process for pipeline repair work in micro-tunnel or pipe jacking construction. This process mainly uses the jacking equipment installed in the working well of the original pipeline construction for interspersed repair. Its pipes can be plastic pipes (including GRP, PVC, PP and PE pipes), usually designed as shorter pipe joints with suitable smooth joints, and are mainly suitable for repairing pipes with a diameter greater than 900mm.
Various commonly used sewage pipes can be used to repair the old pipes by insertion method. However, in order to reduce the reduction of the internal cross-sectional area of the pipes, the joints between the pipes should be minimized or avoided to ensure smooth internal and external connections of the new pipes. A large number of pipe products meet this requirement. A large number of pipe jacking, micro-tunnels or 131*1+910=2-97*3 directional drilling pipes can be applied to interpolation construction due to the use of non-flared or smaller flared interfaces.
The repairable pipe diameter of the continuous interpenetrating method is theoretically unlimited, and the interpenetrating distance can reach 1~2km at a time.

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