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Fallas comunes y solución de problemas del cabezal de potencia de la plataforma de perforación direccional horizontal XCMG

Enero 15, 2021

Fault 1: Framework oil seal of power head leaks oil

Troubleshooting method:

  1. Disassemble the end cover to check whether the lip of the framework oil seal is worn or scratched. If so, you need to replace the framework oil seal.
  2. Check whether the contact part of the main shaft and the framework oil seal is scratched. If so, you need to replace the main shaft and the framework oil seal.
  3. Check the contact between the main shaft and the framework oil seal, rub the shaft axially with your hands, and feel whether there is a groove. If the main shaft has a groove, you need to replace the main shaft.
  4. If none of the above two conditions occurs, there is still oil leakage, indicating that the bearing axis has been loosened, and it is necessary to reduce the bearing end cover adjustment pads. The specific reduction depends on the site conditions to ensure that the bearing adjustment gap is in the Between 0.08mm~0.15mm.


Fault 2: Drill pipes and short joints cannot be removed

Troubleshooting method:

  1. The rear vise clamps the drill pipe or the short joint, and the power head rotates. If the drill pipe, the short joint rotates idly or drives the vise to rotate, the vise fails; if the vise clamps the drill pipe or the short joint does not If it is not activated, the hydraulic rotating system may malfunction.
  2. Check the rotating pressure gauge, the pressure gauge shows 35MPa, the rotating system is normal, it can be judged that the individual buckle type connection is too tight.
  3. Check the corresponding hose joints for leakage.
  4. Adjust the pressure of the rotary pump.
  5. Remove the flush valve, block the oil port connected with the flush valve, continue to rotate and measure the pressure, if the pressure reaches 35Mpa, the flush valve is damaged, otherwise, the flush valve is normal.
  6. Remove the L port of the motor and perform a rotating action. If there is columnar oil injection at the L port, the motor will leak internally; if the L port is very small, the motor is normal, and it can be preliminarily determined that the rotary pump is malfunctioning.

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