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How Ridgid pipeline detector working?

March 20, 2019

Question 1 :

How Ridgid pipeline detector working?

Answers 2:

There are three types of working methord.

1. Literacy: direct scanning of underground wires in an area. You can see the position and depth of the wire. These wires can be avoided when designing engineering routes.

2. Scanning specific lines: For example, we see a wire on the ground, but we don’t know where it is going underground. We can connect the receiver to the ground wire and see the underground direction of the wire.

3. Avoid the underground pipelines that have been built by other projects (no wires in the pipelines). During our construction process, we will encounter other projects that have already opened pipelines underground.


Question 2:

Dose it has automatical stopping function to stop the drilling bit when it face any pipelines?


No.It dosen’t have such function.Detecting existing underground pipelines is a pre-work of trenchless engineering. Before the start of the project, the existing underground pipelines are detected in advance, and then the engineering routes are designed to avoid these pipelines. So the pipeline detector is used before the beginning of the project, not during the project. The steering instrument is used with the engineering to control the horizontal directional drilling rig’s route.


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