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36S can Give You a Brand New Visual Impact – XCMG XZ13600

August 9, 2019

Recently, the XZ13600, the world’s most comprehensive super-large tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig, has successfully completed its production line at XCMG. The product successfully breaks through the key core technologies such as large-scale directional drilling rig complex stratum load control, and adopts modular intelligent control system to solve the construction problems of complex stratum, large diameter and ultra-long distance. It is a new model of green, environmental protection, safety and high efficiency construction.

The product has a digital display system of the whole machine, digital information and graphical display such as rotational torque and push-pull force, and the interface is simple and rich in information. It has multi-engine multi-pump combination and coordinated control technology to ensure high-efficiency power output in different construction stages. Multi-mode load control and fine adjustment technology are used to achieve perfect matching between rotation and push-pull under complex conditions. The four-cylinder two-way flexible clamping technology ensures reliable clamping of the drill pipe and strong shackle capacity. The whole machine adopts modular design, adopts self-disassembling and loading technology, safe disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation.

XCMG XZ13600 participated in the Shanghai 2018 BMW Exhibition and was favored by many customers. It is believed that it will write the new glory of the big country in the major engineering projects in the near future.

Horizontal directional drilling rigs are mainly used for laying underground communication, power, oil and natural gas transmission pipelines without excavating surface conditions. XCMG XZ13600 adopts multi-engine multi-pump power combination system to achieve ultra-high push-pull force of 13600kN, ensuring high efficiency of power output in different construction stages, improving system matching rationality and multi-step stepless speed control. The electronic head technology uses the power head rotating torque and push-pull force overload protection system to achieve high reliability of the working device. The rotating torque and push-pull force can be accurately preset. The power head spindle floats, which can effectively protect the drill pipe thread and improve the drill pipe. Service life.

At the Shanghai BMW Exhibition in November 2018, the world’s largest tonnage horizontal directional drilling machine XC13600

In June 2019, XCMG XZ13600 was sent to the customer for construction

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