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Troubleshooting And Solution Of Oil Leakage Of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

December 17, 2021

Troubleshoot and solve the oil leakage of horizontal directional drilling rig

1. The overflow valve leaks oil

1. Treatment method for oil leakage at the bottom of the overflow valve: replace the sealing ring and remove the connecting bolt.
2. Treatment method for oil leakage at the back of the overflow valve: tighten the bolts with an Allen wrench.

2. The solenoid valve leaks oil

1. The valve bottom sealing ring is damaged. Solution: Replace the sealing ring.
2. Treatment method for excessively long connecting bolts: Replace the bolts.
3. Treatment method of sealant agglomeration: remove sealant agglomeration.

3. Oil leakage from the tower cylinder

1. How to deal with the damage of the piston seal ring: replace the seal ring.
2. The hydraulic lock can’t lock the processing method: clean the hydraulic lock spool, loosen the two screws of the hydraulic lock, and remove the spool.

4. Oil leakage in the oil connection

1. Treatment method for joint loosening due to vibration: Tighten the joint.
2. Washer damage treatment method: replace the washer.
3. Treatment method of joint slippage: replace the joint.
4. Treatment method of joint deformation: replace joint.

5. Damaged tubing

1. The tubing joint bursts off. Re-rivet and weld the tubing joint.
2. High-pressure tubing bursts. Replace the tubing.
3. The low-pressure tubing bursts belly and repair it with waterproof tape.

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