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New Technology For Repairing Water Supply And Drainage Pipes By Trenchless Lining Method

January 21, 2022

(1) Process characteristics

The lining method repair technology adopts the method of repairing without excavation at all, and will not damage the environment around the original pipeline. The construction operation can be carried out only by using the inspection well, which covers a small area and has few safety measures, and does not require personnel to enter the construction. Pipeline, easy to operate.
The pipeline repaired by the lining repair technology combines the advantages of thermoplastic plastics such as flexibility, ductility, corrosion resistance and high strength of concrete, and turns the original pipeline into a rigid and flexible structure to protect the pipeline from being damaged. It is corroded by sewage or hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other gases, which improves the durability and prolongs the service life of the structure.

(2) Scope

(1) Applicable to the original pipe materials such as corrugated pipes, reinforced concrete pipes, steel pipe slurry, masonry pipes, brick pipes and so on.
(2) Suitable for repair projects such as rainwater pipes, sewage pipes, industrial waste pipes, box culverts, etc.; lining of various pipes with a diameter of 300 ~ 2000mm: the pipe section is circular, oval or special geometric shape.
(3) It is suitable for local and overall repair of drainage pipes.
(4) It is suitable for the repair of complex pipelines that are bent and dislocated.
(5) Not suitable for repairing damage to inspection wells.

(3) Process principle

The liner repair technology is to use the plastic liner with the anchor key as the liner pipe through the inspection well, put it into the original pipeline through the tractor, and grouting and anchor the annular space between the liner pipe and the original pipeline, so that the Repair method for original pipeline regeneration. After the slurry is solidified, the lining pipe is combined with the inner wall of the pipeline to form a new pipeline structure, which plays the role of anti-seepage, anti-corrosion and reinforcement.
It is necessary to add an anchor key on the back of the lined pipe, which acts as a support with the old pipe, and the annular space formed with the old pipe wall is filled with grouting material.
Depending on the structure of the system, the total thickness required for the structure can be achieved by the combination of multiple layers of linings, and a pipe wall structure with multiple fortifications and leakage control can be formed at the same time.


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