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Is It Suitable For Trenchless Pipe Jacking Construction In Winter

December 30, 2021

The arrival of the heavy snow festival tells us that winter is really coming. Is the cold winter suitable for trenchless pipe jacking? If it is not suitable, what should the construction unit do when the construction period is tight?
According to many years of construction experience, it is known that trenchless construction is not very suitable in winter because the temperature is very low in winter, and mud and large mechanical equipment are needed in trenchless construction. The mud that plays a role of lubrication and filling is at low temperature. It will freeze, fail to play its due role, and even delay the progress of the trenchless pipe jacking project. Large-scale machinery and equipment may also have difficulty in operating at low temperatures and need to be preheated in advance, which will also affect the construction progress.
However, if the construction period is tight and the trenchless pipe jacking project must be carried out in winter, the construction unit should try to choose when the weather is clear and the temperature is high, and the amount of mud to be deployed should not be too large to avoid waste. For large mechanical equipment that needs to be preheated, it can only be preheated in advance, so as not to delay the construction process as much as possible.

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