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Advantages Of Trenchless Repair Technology For Municipal Pipelines

January 13, 2022

At present, the repair methods for municipal pipelines are mainly divided into two categories: excavation repair and trenchless repair technology.
Excavation repair is a relatively traditional construction method. With the continuous advancement of technology, trenchless repair technology first appeared in developed areas. Because of its many advantages that traditional excavation technology does not have, it is gradually popularized and applied. When it comes to the advantages of trenchless repair technology, nothing more than the following points.
(1) It well solves the problems of traditional excavation construction that interferes with the normal life of residents and damages and adversely affects traffic, the environment, and surrounding building foundations.
(2) In cases where traditional construction methods cannot be constructed or excavation is not allowed, trenchless technology can be used to cross and lay from below, and the pipeline can be designed to pass through the location where the lower limit of the engineering quantity is small.
(3) The current trenchless repair technology can control the laying direction and burial depth of underground pipelines with high precision, and can make pipelines bypass underground obstacles.
(4) It has better economic and social benefits. Practice has proved that in most cases, especially in prosperous urban areas or when pipelines are buried deep, trenchless construction is a very good alternative to cut-and-cover construction.
The emergence of trenchless repair technology for municipal pipelines avoids the tedious steps of excavating and then repairing and backfilling. Especially in the city, there are many pipelines under the road, and the fast repair technology can avoid unnecessary congestion.

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