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Advantages Of Trenchless UV Curing Repair Of Pipelines

April 7, 2022

As we all know, UV curing repair is a widely used method in the current trenchless pipeline repair method. Ultraviolet light curing uses ultraviolet light as the curing medium, and the resin contains a photoinitiator. When irradiated with UV light of a specific wavelength, the resin undergoes a curing reaction to form a high-strength lined new tube. After curing, the pipeline can withstand internal and external pressure independently, independent of the original pipeline. The repaired new pipeline will not affect the water section, and the normal service life is more than 50 years. So, do you know the advantages of trenchless UV curing repair for pipes?
The advantages of trenchless UV curing repair of pipelines are as follows:
1. Penetration installation
This can reduce steps in the trenchless pipeline repair process. The liner is installed inside the existing pipe and inflated with compressed air. The new pipe is then created using robotics and UV light to cure and harden the lining. Due to the lining design, no pre-lining or grout is required to prevent infiltration.
2. Small footprint
The light, portable equipment used in the UV curing process allows easy access to difficult areas, which is critical in tight, sensitive areas such as near lakes and backyards. What are the advantages of trenchless UV curing repair of pipelines?
3. Environmental safety
The UV curing process does not require water, so you can leave the heavy water equipment at home. This results in a smaller footprint and less impact on resident property. Conventional steam and water treatment methods also generate gases that need to be protected for workers and residents. UV light avoids all of these situations.
4. Faster curing time
Maintain about 5 feet of pipe per minute, although this depends on the thickness of the liner. This significantly reduces the time needed to repair the pipeline, which means less service downtime for local residents.
5. No excavation at all
When using UV curing, all access to the pipe is through service holes and robots. No digging required. Excavation can be an expensive and destructive process.
6. Easy to check
CCTV robots are used to inspect the lining for wrinkles or wrinkles before curing. Traditional steam or hot water linings cannot be inspected until the pipes are cured and hardened.
7. No damage to existing pipes
Due to other trenchless methods pipes can be damaged due to the excessive heat used in other trenchless methods.
8. Minimal impact on sewers
Stronger but thinner materials have little impact on existing sewer capacity. High-strength fiberglass properties enable thinner wall designs, high hydraulic capacity, and reduced resin consumption.
9. Reduce the focus on health
Styrene resin, the odor and impact of styrene resin becomes very small, thus sealing and limiting the hazard. Styrene is considered a carcinogen and is unlikely to sneak into the sewer system.

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