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What If The Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Wades Through The Water?

September 13, 2021

If extreme weather is encountered during trenchless construction, what should be done after the horizontal directional drill is wading through the water?
First check the integrity of the machine: observe a few more times around the machine to see if any parts are missing; if there is any blockage of foreign matter; if there is water. In particular, the foreign objects of the rotating parts are blocked, such as the engine compartment fan, belt and radiator, do not have foreign objects blocked, otherwise the engine will turn to cause safety and component damage.
Treatment method: make up missing parts, clean up blocked foreign objects, remove accumulated water, clean up and dry (such as engine air filter and module compartment, engine compartment and pump compartment); if the machine needs to be cleaned, please be careful not to use high-pressure water guns to flush electrical components such as Plugs and modules, engine compartment and fuel tank filling ports.
Check the engine
Check whether the lubricating oil and diesel oil of the whole machine are normal: Check whether the liquid level is normal. The mixing of water and mud will increase the liquid level. It needs to be checked: Engine system: engine oil, antifreeze and diesel.
Solution: If there is any abnormality, please consult the engine manufacturer.
Check the hydraulic system
The hydraulic oil system, the hydraulic oil tank and the fuel tank of the diesel tank are equipped with air venting devices. Normal use will not have impurities enter, but if it is soaked for too long, water and sediment will enter.
Treatment method: drain the hydraulic oil, clean the hydraulic oil tank, replace the hydraulic oil and the filter element in the hydraulic oil tank; other lubricating oil: mud pump crankcase, power head gear box, crawler reducer oil; if water and mud enter, it must be lubricated Clean the oil drain, clean the tank and add new lubricating oil.
Check the electrical system
After scouring and immersing in muddy water, especially the machine that has been working for many years, there is aging of components. It is recommended to check the electrical components (whether they are loose, soaked and corroded), such as relays, solenoid valve coil wiring plugs, etc.
Please focus on checking whether the C248 computer controller is wading. If you encounter a wading situation, it is recommended to remove the controller from the machine and place it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid short circuits or damage to electronic components caused by corrosive liquids inside. If the controller contacts are corroded, it is recommended to replace them to avoid cascading failures to damage to the electrical system of the machine.
Solution: First check whether the electrical components are loose and corroded. If there is no problem, the machine is powered on but do not start the engine. Check if there is a blown fuse and whether there is an alarm message on the engine display screen. If the fuse is burned out when the power is turned on, check whether the line where the fuse is located has a short circuit or other faults. Complete the above inspections and deal with the abnormality of the fault, make sure that there is no problem before you can start the engine, and then check the action of various hydraulic functions.

xcmg xz720e horizontal directional drilling rig

xcmg xz720e horizontal directional drilling rig

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