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XCMG XE135D excavator

July 13, 2019

1.XCMG XE135D  highlights

Advanced XEICS Intelligent Management System for XCMG Excavator;

New cab with comfortable and safe operation;

Low speed high torque high pressure common rail engine, a new power matching mode, improves power utilization and fuel economy;

Maintenance is convenient and fast, and maintenance cycle of engine filter element is prolonged.

Strengthened rotary mechanism, more coordinated action, less impact, longer life.

Applicable scenarios

Widely used in small and medium-sized earthwork projects, municipal construction, highway and bridge construction, digging and building ditches, farmland water conservancy construction and other projects.

2.Main parameter

Operating weight (Kg) 13200
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.32-0.61
Engine rated power (kW/rpm) 86/2200
Bucket digging force (kN) 99.1
Max digging depth (mm) 5546

3. Configuration

Standard Configuration XE135D
Engine Cab and Interior
Engine Model QSF3.8 Increase the cab
Emission levels: Euro III Fully adjustable mechanical

suspension seat

Automatic preheating Adjustable Suspension Seat/


Oil-water separator with water

level indicator sensor

Adjustable seat armrest
Radial Sealed Air Filter Seatbelt (51mm [2″]wide)
Construction of High

Temperature Environmental

Cooling System at 50 Temperature

Openable front windshield

with auxiliary device

Clean radiator Front windshield divided

by 70/30 ratio

Fuel standard Double-ply gummed

windshield and

other tempered windows

Automatic idling Sliding doors and windows
Safety and Security Configuration Upper windshield wipers and

cleaners mounted on pillars

Driving door lock and

compartment lock

Two-way air conditioning with

defroster (automatic type)

(pressure function)

Alarm horn Color LCD Display Displays

Warning Information,

Filter/Liquid Replacement

Information and Working Hours

Rearview mirror
Isolation plate between engine

and oil pump chamber

Manipulation handle
Engine emergency

shutdown switch

Driving control pedal with

removable manual joystick

Rear window emergency exit Two stereo speakers
Battery Circuit Breaker Beverage cup holder
Moving arm and bucket rod

retaining valve

Cap hook
Overheating alarm mode Openable booking hatch
Safety handrails and pedals Cleanable floor mat
Anti-skid board/anti-skid sticker air conditioning system
Hydraulic safety locking rod High and Low Speed Shift
Emergency escape hammer One-button augmentation mode
Left and Right Rearview Mirror Push-pull front window
Hydraulic system Top skylight
Flow regeneration of boom/

bucket rod

Cab light
Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve Storage box and cap hook
Reverse Rotary Damping Valve Cigarette lighter/standby

power supply

Automatic Rotary Parking Brake Cup rack/file bag
Hydraulic Buffer Valve Warm and Cold Storage Tank
Direct Hydraulic Circuit LCD liquid crystal monitor
Boom priority valve Radio
Rotary logic valve electrical system
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 46 Battery (2x750CCA)
Rotary anti-swing valve 70A alternator
Spare valve disc 4.8KW Start Motor
Chassis system and shield 12V cigarette lighter
Guide wheel and middle

track single rail protector

5V USB Interface
Chassis traction ring Working device
Grease-Lubricated track Arm 4.6M
Protective Device Kit: Chassis Bottom

Seal Plate, Walking Motor Seal Plate

Bucket pole 2.52M
500 mm (20 degree)

three-ribbed track board

0.52M3 Reinforcement Bucket
Floodlight technology
Left and Right Arm Working Lamp XEICS Intelligent Control System
Right-side working lamp

mounted on storage tank

Data link SOCKET
Cab interior lighting Counterweight
Selective assembly
Oil-water separator with heater (24V) Fire Extinguisher
Oil-water quick release device Bucket pole 2.1m
Coolant heater (fuel type) Bucket rod 3.01M
Fuel Pump 50L/MIN 0.32-0.61M3 earthwork bucket
Rapid Fuel Filling System Fast Connector
Hydraulic Pipeline: Breaking

Hammer and Thumb Clamp

Breaking hammer
Additional oil return filter

and pressure stabilizer

Explosion-proof valve for boom

and bucket rod pipeline

Operational mode switching Rotating warning lamp
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32,68 Rearview Impact System
600MM (24 inch)

three-ribbed track board

Counterweight rearview mirror
700 MM (28 inch)

three-ribbed track board

Roll over Protection Structure (ROPS)
Extended chassis Falling Object Protection Structure (FOPS)
Track rubber block Buzzer (according to national requirements)
Track double rail protector Rotary Alarm Light Installed in Cab
Bulldozer Travel alarm
Air suspension seat with

cushion heating

Flexible seat belt (51mm

[2inch] wide)

12V power interface
On-board oxygen supply device Cab mounted working lights

4.Detailed parameter

Main parameter
Model Unit Digital
Operating Weight kg 13200
Bucket capacity M3 0.32-0.61
Engine /
Engine Model / QSF3.8
4-stroke /
water-cooling /
Turbo /
Air-to-air cooling /
Cylinder number / 4
Engine rated power kw/rpm 86/2200
Maximum Torque/Speed N.m/rpm 470/1300
displacement L 3.8
main performance
Walking speed km/h 5.2/2.9
Rotary speed r/min 11
Climbing ability ° 35
Grounding specific voltage kPa 40.4
Bucket digging force kN 99.1
Bucket bar excavation force kN 68
Maximum traction kN 134
Hydraulic system
Main pump / /
Rated flow rate of main pump L/min 125.4*2
Main Safety Valve Pressure MPa 21.4
Walking system pressure MPa 34.4
Rotary system pressure MPa 123
Pilot system pressure MPa 3.9
Oil capacity
Fuel tank volume L 260
Volume of Hydraulic Fuel Tank L 105
Engine oil capacity L 11
Shape size
Chief A mm 7795
B total width mm 2525
C total height mm 2880
D turntable width mm 2490
E Track Length mm 3648
F Chassis Total Width mm 2490
G Track Bandwidth mm 500
H crawler wheelbase mm 2918
I gauge mm 1990
J counterweight ground clearance mm 931
K minimum ground clearance mm 466
L tail minimum radius of rotation mm 2325
M Track Height mm 802
Scope of work
A Maximum Excavation Height mm 8638
B Maximum unloading height mm 6174
C Maximum Mining Depth mm 5546
D 8-foot horizontal excavation depth mm 5335
E Maximum Vertical Mining Depth mm 4698
F maximum excavation radius mm 8304
G Minimum Rotation Radius mm 2445
Arm length mm 4600
Bucket rod length mm 2520
Bucket capacity M3 0.52

5.More features

6 More photos


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