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XCMG XZ320E horizontal directional drilling shines Indonesia trenchless show

April 24, 2019

The star product of the E series horizontal directional drill, the XZ320E horizontal directional drill, is presented by XCMG at the 2017 Indonesia trenchless technology exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, aug 30-31, 2017.Show cars have reached the sales intention, another group of customers follow-up negotiations.

High-end positioning, unique

The E series horizontal directional drilling has achieved significant improvement in safety and environmental protection, intelligence, human-machine environment optimization, appearance design and other aspects, and some technical indicators have reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.The E series fully meets the European and American three-stage emission standards;In the operation comfort aspect comprehensive standard international level;In the construction safety, maintenance convenience has carried on the more substantial improvement and the optimization.

The appearance of E series horizontal directional drilling products not only reflects XCMG’s advantages in technical level, but also shows that it has made sufficient preparations for leading the upgrading of trenchless industry demand in countries along the “Belt and Road”.

XCMG foundation has only been established for 8 years, but it has always been in the leading position in terms of scale, technology and user upgrade.On the basis of XCMG, it has become the norm to research and develop the products needed in the future 3-5 years or even longer in advance and make technical reserves for this purpose.It is the orderly and coordinated promotion of these aspects that enables XCMG foundation to have sufficient research and development resources and capacity reserve that not only meet the needs of the present but also face the future.

On the basis of the E series, XCMG creatively introduced the “technology crowdfunding” mode, taking its own technology center as the “central pool”, including all external scientific research institutions, suppliers, etc., to provide the best solution and path for conquering the technological high ground.

Refine requirements, love at first sight

XCMG has done enough homework on the E series. The Indonesian users who have used the E series horizontal directional drilling products for several months said frankly, “I have used several brands of horizontal directional drilling machines. From the aspects of product stability, quality and controllability, the experience of XCMG products is particularly good.More exciting is the amazing upgrading of XCMG foundation E series horizontal directional drilling in terms of oil saving and construction efficiency.”In our continuous usage evaluation over the past few months, XCMG E series has achieved an increase of 10% in fuel economy and 20% in construction efficiency compared with its competitors of the same level.In addition, the E series enables automatic replacement of drill pipe, saving us at least 1-2 labor inputs, which means significant cost reduction.

Changes not only appear in the optimization of the operating environment, improve operating efficiency, and even the application of “cool technology”, but also appear in the market demand refinement.China has the most abundant geological conditions in the world. As a manufacturer growing in China, XCMG foundation not only makes efforts to improve the performance and quality of equipment, but also builds a bridge between “technology research and development” and “market demand”.In the face of the discrete needs of different users around the world, XCMG foundation can not only provide the most extensive horizontal directional drilling product line in the world, but also continuously strengthen the “exclusive” label.

XCMG horizontal directional drilling product line not only carries out design and development for special working conditions, but also provides corresponding improvement and adjustment according to different product requirements, so as to meet more segmented and differentiated needs, such as dual-arm horizontal directional drill for small space and hard rock construction.”In the 16 to 660 ton backhaul level, xugong covers almost all the demand of visible working conditions in Indonesia.””Said one user in Indonesia.

After years of development, many Chinese construction machinery brands represented by XCMG have made great progress not only in basic technical level such as quality and performance, but also in grasping long-term technical trends such as intellectualization and digitalization.Even in some configuration, key technical indicators, Chinese brand equipment, has reached the advanced level.It is also because of this, in recent years, China’s construction machinery exports, especially high-end products exports, all the way growth.Not only in “Belt And Road” countries, but also in North America, where the user demand is very high, a group of enterprises represented by XCMG constantly refresh the connotation of “made in China” and “quality in China” and compete with foreign brands.

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