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XCMG XZ3600’s Glorious History

August 23, 2019

At the 22nd China International Trench Excavation Exhibition held on April 11, XCMG‘s new generation of horizontal directional drilling XZ3600 will be unveiled. Let us first understand its characteristics.

The advanced dual power system ensures high machine reliability. The XCXXXZ3600 uses a dual-powered system that can be used with either a single engine or a dual-powered system. It has the advantage of being powerful and ensuring that the machine is not affected by small faults, in the event of an obstacle in one of the power systems. Relying on another system to meet the needs of continuous operations, and the fuel consumption of this drive system is extremely low. In addition, its large-diameter rotary joint is made of a special alloy, which has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of the rotary joint and has a low breakage rate. In terms of reliability, XCMG XZ3600 adopts international first-class supporting components, such as American Sao pump, valve, handle, German sensor and Rexroth motor, controller, Italian reducer, etc. to ensure high reliability.

High intelligence makes security even higher. XCMG XZ3600 power head uses the world’s first full-range positioning intelligent detection and control technology and multiple collision-free limit technology. The former enables the machine to realize the automatic protection of the drill pipe bracket and the safety protection function of the vise collision protection. The safety is good; the latter can effectively prevent damage to the structural parts of the equipment and greatly improve the service life of the equipment. In addition, the XZ3600 uses digital torque and push-pull overload protection, which greatly increases the reaction speed of the device and effectively prevents transient overload. Of course, the greatest convenience brought by intelligence is the intuitive visualization of the operation interface, which is easy for the construction personnel to master and not easy to make mistakes.

The high-pressure common rail electronically controlled engine achieves environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. XCMG XZ3600 adopts the national three-emission standard high-pressure common-rail electronically controlled engine. The advantage of this engine is that it has high power and low noise. Compared with the commonly used direct-injection engine, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 5%. In addition, it continues the hydraulic closed system and load-sensitive control technology in the previous products, and the internal loss of the system is low.

Digital instrumentation and side door side filter elements make operation and maintenance simple. XCMG XZ3600 uses digital instrument to display the main construction parameters such as push-pull force, rotating torque, push-pull speed, rotation speed and mud pressure in real time. It does not need to be estimated according to the gear position and pressure table, which greatly simplifies the work flow. The system’s own fault detection function automatically lists faulty components for easy maintenance.

XCMG Foundation has a domestic first-class product research and development platform. The XZ3600 released this time is the latest product model of the XZ series. Compared with the previous products, it has higher intelligence, better performance and more energy saving. It can be described as a lot of advantages, which not only consolidates XCMG. The foundation’s leading position in the field of non-excavation will also bring new experiences to customers and create more value. Let us wait and see!

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