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DCI digitrack Falcon F1 detector for trenchless

DCI digitrack Falcon F1 detector

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DCI digitrack Falcon F1 detector for trenchless

We previously issued on the Falcon technology. Today we introduce the newly launched DCI company at a lower price and can be a close integration of Falcon Falcon technology F1.

Since April 2015 in China Falcon first sold, Falcon strong technical capabilities in terms of interference has been widely recognized by the market and verify the actual project, and won universal praise from customers. DCI pulled out of the new Falcon F1 to meet the different needs of more customers. Compared with the Falcon, the Falcon F1 has the following features:

1 Lower prices;

2 The Falcon F1 and Falcon has the same field interference spectrum analysis and frequency optimization function. But it can only choose B11 band;

3 It does not cost much to upgradto DCI digitrack Falcon F1 detector.

B11 band covers the frequency range of 9.0-13.5khz. It is enough to cope with the strong interference of the project. If you want to drill deeper, stronger interference, can be upgraded to falcon.

User’s guidence

Turn on the receiver

1 Insert the battery and click the trigger
to open the receiver

2.Make sure that the area number in the
Earth icon on the startup screen matches
the number on the sensor

3 Click on the tngger to enter the
positioning screen

The receiver positioning screen.

4 Select the matching menu (this menu blinks) and briefly press the trigger to
enter the matching screen.

5.Insert the battery into the sensor and close the rear cover to activate the sensor

6.Align the infrared port of the sensor with the infrared port of the receiver and
ensure that the distance between the two is within 5 cm.

7.Select the icon to complete the matching
Check background noise

8.Return to the location screen. Have a colleague hold the sensor on your side,
at a distance approximately equal to the maximum depth of the hole. Both
walk in parallel and the receiver remains above the drilling path, taking note
of the locations where the display data or signal strength is erratic or the data
signal is lost. When this occurs, reoptimization in the region should be
considered (See step 1)

9. Place the loaded drill bit parallel to the receiver 3
meters away, as shown.

10. From the main menu, select Single Point Calibration
(1PT CAL) and click Trigger Calibration.

11 .Each time a tape measure was used to verify the
ground-level readings of the ground 11 band at the
maximum depth of planned work. This depth reading
should be within 5% of the error range

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