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  • XCMG XZ1000A HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

    Engine power(kw) 264

    Max torquer(N.m) 43000

    Max back pull force(kN) 1000

    Pipe size(mm*mm) 114/127*6000

    • Description

    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment
    Technical Specification
    Product model: XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment
    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment is one-piece and full-drive horizontal directional drilling machine. The machine adopts the electro-hydraulic proportional control, load sensitive control, a number of advanced control technology and the company’s proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and the  control technology have reached the international advanced level. The main components such as hydraulic system choose the international brand-name products with the high reliability.

    1. The highlights
    2. Using energy-saving circuit and load sensitive control and electrohydraulic proportional control, several advanced control technology. Those technology saves energy and reduces consumption. The operation is flexible and comfortable.
    3. The gear and rack push and pull, which is stable, reliable. Power head spindle floating improve the service life of drill pipe thread.
    4. PE pipe elastic equilibrium release technology and effectively prevent the damage of equipment from back drag pipeline reaction and improve the equipment reliability of construction.
    5. Line control proportion of walking system ensures the security of the walk.
    6. Mud flow shift can realize the stepless speed regulation system, which saves the mud and reduce the pollution.
    7. The 45°rotating cabin can be realized, which can improve operation comfort.
    8. The introduction of technology
    9. Chassis

    I.Technology Introduction

    1.The highlights

    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment adopts the steel tracks and venue with the strong adaptability and high reliability. Import walking speed reducer is stable and reliable.

    Track length 3930mm
    Track outside width 2900mm
    Track width 500mm
    Wheel base 3165mm
    The number of roller 7 units * 2
    Walking reducer TM30VD * 2
    Driving force 170 kN
    Gradability 30%
    Walking speed 2.5 km/h
    The total weight 23T

    2.The engine system

    Choosing Cummins turbo engine. It is powerful. Meeting the China’s second stage emission standards.

    Engine type  6LTAA8.9-C360
    Rated power 264kW
    Max. torque 1400 N•m /(1400r/min)
    Rated speed 2200 r/min
    Standard Second stage
    Main engine fuel tank volume 425L

    3.The hydraulic system

    Using the load sensitive control and electro-hydraulic proportional control and several advanced control technology. The imported components are reliable in quality.

    Power head rotation system
    Rotation pump Rexroth  A11VO145
    Pressure 320bar
    Push and pull valve AMCA  APV-22
    Motor Rexroth  A6VM107×2
    Power head push and pull system
    Push and pull pump  Rexroth  A11VO145
    Pressure 320bar
    Motor Rexroth  A6VM107×4
    Push and pull valve AMCA APV-22
    The hydraulic oil tank volume 750L

    4.The electrical system

    Equipped with electric starter button, fuse box, power master switch.
    In view of the horizontal directional drilling construction technology, the application of advanced control technology can optimize the display position in the instrument. Using the large instrument is easy to observe. Walking-wire control can realize stepless speed regulation. It is convenient to  operate. Engine speed, water temperature, oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature, oil filter, power head limit alarm parameters can monitor and effectively protect the security of the machine.

    System voltage DC24V
    Controller TTC60
    Push and pull rotation handle Sauer MCH22

    5.Drill stand

    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment equipped with the identity of the welded drill, which can adapt to the 6m drill stand. It is convenient to operate. Drill sliding is driven by oil cylinder and it is convenient to adjust..

    Drill sliding distance 2500mm
    Drill stand Angle adjustment 10~18°

    6.Power head

    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment can finish the action of push and pull through the gear and rack. Power head floating mandrel device can effectively protect the drill pipe thread. The variable motor can achieve high-speed push-pull. The size of push an pull can be adjusted according to the requirements of the construction of inorganic, which can protect the drill pipe.

    Max. push and pull force 1000kN
    Max. push and pull speed 35m/min
    Max. rotating torque 35000/43000N.m
    Max. Rotating speed 120/100r/min
    Max. walking distance 7000mm
    Reducer  Bonfiglioli  309L2/ Brevini  EL1572


    Equipped with powerful shackle vice, the front and rear vice can relatively slip. It is easy to maintenance and replace the saber tooth.

    Shackle torque 54000N•m
    The rear vice rotation angle 22.6°

    8.Slurry pump

    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment equipped with large flow slurry pump, which can provide strong, big flow slurry for construction and guarantee the smooth construction, construction. It can be stepless regulating mud pump flow, which can provide better operating experience.

    Maximum rate of flow 600L/min
    Maximum slurry pressure 100bar


    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment equipped with air conditioning, rotating control cab, adjustable seats, which can greatly improve the operation comfort level of drilling rig, interior lights, windshield wipers. The front glass can be doubled. The console with all kinds of instrument and control handle is very suitable for operation.

    Cabin width 1000mm
    The bridge rotation angle 45°
    Air conditioning refrigerating capacity 4600W
    Air conditioning system of heat 5000W

    10.Lorry-mounted crane

    Random configuration: 2 t lorry crane. It is stable and convenient to operate according to the  manual.

    Maximum lifting weight 2T
    Maximum working range 5.67m
    Maximum lifting moment 4t•m

    11.Drill pipe

    Our company can provide the host with the reliable performance, stable quality, efficient construction drill pipe, drill, which provide strong guarantee for the host construction safety. Host form a complete set of drill pipe, drill specifications are as follows:

    Name Type Specification Remarks
     Drill pipr Welding(S135) ¢114mm×6m NC46 clasp
    ¢127mm×6m NC50 clasp
    Drilling tools Back expansion device Squeeze expanding ¢450mm XCMG
    Channel impeller ¢450mm
    Accessories Pilot guide bit 114/127
    Guiding plate 114/127
    Male pull head 114/127
    Female pull head 114/127
    Transfer case 150T
     Short sub 114/127
    Slurry system Slurry mixing system 5M3 XCMG
    Instrument Exploratory apparatus F5 DCI
    Gemdale 600 Gemdale
    Gemdale 700
    Detecting instrument 8000 Sherardia

    III.The main technical parameters

    Item Unit Quality
    Engine Producer Cummins
    Type 6LTAA8.9-C360
    Rated power kW/ rpm 264 / 2200
    Push and pull Type  Gear and rack type
    Biggest drag/feed force kN 1000/1000
    Power head speed m/min 0~35
    Rotary Type Double motor drive reducer
    Power head maximum torque N.m 35000/43000
    Power head rotation speed r/min 100
    Drill stand Diameter mm Φ114/φ127
    Length(single) mm 6000
    Adjustable angle ° 10~18
    Walking drive Type Steel crawler self-propelled
    Walking speed km/h 2.5
    Slurry pump The rate of flow L/min 600
    Dimension mm 11500×2900×3000
    Weight t 23

    V.The main component configuration

    Engine Dongfeng cummins
    Main pump Rexroth
     Auxiliary pump Changyuan Hefei
    Push and pull valve AMCA
    Hand shank SAUER
    Controller Rexroth
    Power head motor Rexroth
    Power head reducer Bonfiglioli/Brevini
    Power head bearing ZWZ
    Walking motor and reducer Doosan
    Lorry-mounted crane XCMG
    Track Xianning

    V.The machine appearance and transportation

    Item Parameters
    Length 11500mm
    Weight 2900mm
    Height 3000mm

    VI.The documents

    XZ1000A XCMG horizontal drilling equipment technical documents as the following:
    Product certificate
    Product specification
    The engine maintenance manual
    Engineering vehicle air conditioning general specification
    Lorry-mounted crane operation instructions and maintenance manual
    Mud pump maintenance manual (Option)
    Packing list (Including wearing parts and spare parts list, the accessory tools list)

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