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  • XCMG XZ400 HDD Horizontal Directional Drill Machine

    Engine power(kw) 179

    Max torque(N.m) 14000

    Max back pull force(kN) 400

    Pipe size(mm*mm)70/83*3000

    • Description

    Technical specifications sheet
    Product model:  XCMG XZ400 HDD horizontal directional drilling rig
    XCMG XZ400 HDD horizontal directional drilling rig has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, main technical performance parameters reach the domestic advanced level. The main components,parts selection of well-known brand products, good performance, stable quality, the good use reliability.

     I.Technology Characteristics

    High power: it adopts 179kW diesel engine with the feature to increase turbine torque, ensuring that drilling rig can lay the pipes well in various complicated geological conditions.
    Two-speed unit head: it operates at low speed when drilling and back-dragging to ensure that it works smoothly; it can slide more quickly when the rod breaker moves back and forth under unloaded condition to reduce the auxiliary time and improve work efficiency.
    Steel crawler: adaptable to various muddy roads.
    Floating-type vise: it applies the proprietary floating-type vise of the company, which can effectively extend the service life of the drill rod.
    Rotatable control desk: it widens the visual field and reduces the fatigue of the operator to make the drilling rig operation more simple and comfortable.
    Easy operation: the operation can be available by rotating and pushing and pulling the power head respectively, and it is easy for operator to operate the whole drilling rig after a short-term training.
    Convenient maintenance:The engine cover design is reasonable, the replacement of the filter element of engine and hydraulic system maintenance, simple and convenient.

    II.Major technical parameters

    Item Unit Qty
    Engine Producer Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd
    Model 6CTA8.3-C240
    Rated power kW/ rpm 179/2200
    Pusher and puller Type
    Max.pulling/feeding force kN 400/400
    Running speed of power unit m/min 0~22
    Rotation Type
    Max. torque of power unit N.m 14000
    Rotation speed of power unit r/min 0~100
    Drill stem Diameter mm φ83
    Length (single piece) m 3
    Drill stand Drill stand Sliding box-type drill stand, with walk platform
    Adjusting angle ° 10~22
    Travel drive Type Self-propelled steel crawler
    Travel speed km/h 1.4
    Slurry pump Type  Hydraulic drive
    Flow rate L/min 450
    Overall dimension mm 7000x2250x2450
    Weight t 11.5

    III.The main component configuration

    Engine Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co. Ltd.
    Master pump USA SAUER
    Rotary motor Beijing Huade
    Electromagnetic valve Yuci
    Track Hubei Xianning
    Travel speed reducer South Korea Dongming
    Mortar pump Hengyang prospecting or Rick

    IV.The main structure and function of the part 

    XCMG XZ400 HDD horizontal directional drilling rig is self directional drilling device into a whole. The main chassis, power head, drill frame, anchor device, engine system, vice,hydraulic system, electrical system, mud system components.
    1.The chassis
    The chassis includes the frame and the left, right walking device. Left, right walking device and the frame with high strength bolt are connected into a whole, the rear end is provided with a hydraulic supporting leg.Walking speed reducer adopts built-in planetary reducer(including motor), low running noise, large output torque, compact structure. The machine running therubber track block, can guarantee the influence on pavement, lawn, scenic spots of the minimum.
    2.The engine system
    Selection of Dongfeng Cummins engine 6CTA8.3-C240 turbocharged engine. Rated power 179kW/2200rpm,with blowing type oil radiator.
    3.The power head
    The power head is the main driver of drilling rig,hydraulic motor driven by double parallel input gearrack type, slowed by dynamic head gear, the power output to drill.
    4.The drilling frame
    The drilling frame made of high strength steel welded together, the angle is regulated by a rear cylinder,power head push and pull device is arranged on thehydraulic motor power head driven gear rackimplementation.
    5.Simple anchorage
    Anchoring a small volume, simple and convenient operation.
    Our company vise application specific patent floatingvice technology, can effectively reduce the wear of drill pipe threads, prolong the service life of drill pipe.
    7.Electrical system
    The main control functions: engine and its monitoring and control, mud pump, vice, power head rotational acceleration, power head sliding acceleration control.From left to right console, console, auxiliary console,relay box, each sensor connector, diode stack, variousdisplay instrument, wiring harness.
    8.Hydraulic system
    Hydraulic pump gear pump and gear pump is installed on the PTO power outlet. The power head rotation andpower head push and pull the oil pump drive, avoidpipe laying operations, all actions affect each other, the key hydraulic components are used domestic famousbig company products, improve product reliability.
    9.The mud system
    Mud pump random belt driven by hydraulic motor, can be used according to the manual transformation to pump out water, meet the need of construction.

    V.The user selected parts

    1.Rill pipe drill
    Hebei Xuanhua, Wuxi can drill selection of prospecting and othermanufacturers. The first to expand optional cutting expansion type,expanding type, diameter from 200 mm to 800 mm.
    2.Guidance system
    The wireless control to the system, the optional DCI companies such as the guidance system.
    3.The slurry mixing system
    Slurry mixing system includes the engine, sewage pumps, slurry tank,bentonite mixing device, the mud tank capacity to choose 3m3 or 5M3,the user can according to the actual need to select.

    VI.Random file

    XCMG XZ400 HDD horizontal directional drilling rig with the following technical documents:
    Packing list
    Product certification
    An instruction manual
    Engine user manual
    Mortar pump
    Note: the product with technical progress will continue to improve, the difference will be in when ordering.

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