• Description
  1. Company introduction

1) The first professional enterprise in China with the largest scale and the most comprehensive ability to develop and manufacture a series of directional drilling rigs;

2) No. 1 in the industry for 5 consecutive years, with a market share of over 40%;

3) The first directional drilling rig assembly line and experimental equipment in China, with an annual output of 1,200 directional drilling rigs, has become the largest horizontal directional drilling rig manufacturing base in China;

4) “Key technologies and industrialization of large-scale intelligent non-excavation directional drilling rigs” won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Federation in 2015

5) More than 50 non-excavation technology R & D personnel

6) Apply for more than 60 non-excavation related patents.

  1. Detection capability

The first domestic machine test bench to fill the gap in online experiments of horizontal directional drilling rigs.


  1. Construction ability

1) Make professional equipment

2) Complete set of supporting services

3) Nanny-style technical service guarantee


  1. Technical advantages

1) Flexible and diversified configurations to meet container transportation. Multi-functional configurations such as semi-automatic, full-automatic, cab, and automatic anchoring are optional.

2) The patented technology double floats, and the service life of drill pipe is increased by 30%.

3) Single handle, hydraulic pilot operation system, humanized layout, comfortable operation and flexible adjustment ability, free left hand, and sensitive and adjustable operation.

4) High degree of automation, saving labor costs, reducing labor intensity and improving construction safety factor.

5) High efficiency construction, rack and pinion push and pull, maximum push and pull force 225kN

6) The maximum running speed of the power head is 26m / min, and the maximum rotating speed is 160r / min

7) Automatic anchoring: hydraulically driven anchoring, efficient and effective anchoring

8) Full-automatic gripper: The drill pipe box can hold 48 drill pipes, which guarantees about 150 meters of construction and meets most of the construction distance requirements.


  1. Construction Cases

1) India 4G fiber project

XZ200 horizontal directional drill

Geological conditions: clay, sand

Construction pipe diameter: 5 * φ50 PE pipe

Construction distance: 350m

2) Oman power pipeline goes to ground

XZ200 horizontal directional drill

Geological conditions: sand, pebble

Construction pipe diameter: 3 * φ160 PE pipe

Construction distance: 210m

3) Russian natural gas energy transmission

XZ680A horizontal directional drill

Geological condition: clay, rock

Construction pipe diameter: φ355 steel pipe

Construction distance: 800m

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