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XZ2000 XCMG hdd directional drilling

Engine power(kw) 242*2

Max torque(N.m) 75000

Max back pull force(kN) 2000

Pipe size(mm*mm) 127*6000

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XZ2000 XCMG hdd directional drilling technical specification

Product model: XZ2000 XCMG hdd directional drilling

Manufacturer: Xuzhou XCMG Foundation Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.

XZ2000 XCMG hdd directional drilling is one fully self-contained design, individual options for the operation of the real, the closed type energy-saving circuit, electro-hydraulic proportional control, load sensitive control a number of advanced energy-saving control technology and the company’s proprietary technology, main performance parameters and control technology reached the international advanced level. Hydraulic system, transmission system, speed reducer, electrical control system and other major components of the selection of first-class international brand products, high reliability.


ONE.bright spot

1, digital instrument, automatic display of the construction of the actual torque, push and pull, such as the construction of the main parameters, the operation is simple; electronic sensing technology response, can timely feedback instantaneous overload, reliable protection of drilling rig.

2, dual power system, any engine start rig completion of all the action, combined with a proprietary operating speed control technology and rotate, push the shift control technology, the scope of application of the drilling rig widely. In the small aperture construction, using a single engine, less fuel consumption and construction cost low.

3, the patent technology can realize automatic rotation teeth, drill centering, reliable clamping.

4, overload protection technology, rotary drilling rig torque, push pull and vise clamping force can be adjustment and use of digital pressure regulating technology, convenient adjustment, simple and accurate preset.

5, the cab can achieve 45 degrees rotation, improve operating comfort.

Two technical introduction

1, chassis

XZ2000 XCMG hdd directional drilling using steel track to take the chassis, the site has strong adaptability, high reliability, the world famous brand walking speed reducer, stable performance, reliable quality.

The crawler track 3555 mm

Track width 2550 mm

Track width 450 mm

2150 gauge mm

The number of supporting wheels is 8 x 2

Walking speed reducer GFT2160 * 2

Driving force 85kN

Climb 30%

Walking speed 1.5km/h

Ground specific pressure 75.5kPa

Whole machine quality 30T


2, engine system

Cummings turbocharged engine, power is strong, emissions to meet the three phase of China’s emission standards;

Engine model QSL8.9-C325

Rated power 242kW * 2

Engine maximum torque 1385N / M / (1500r/min)

Rated speed 2100 r/min

Meet the three phase of China’s emission standards

Fuel tank capacity 830L


3, hydraulic system

The rotation of the closed hydraulic system, push and pull the load sensitive control and other advanced control technology. Imported components, reliable quality.

Power head rotating system

Rotary pump H1P100 Sauer * 2

Pressure 330bar

Motor A6V107 Rexroth * 3

Power head push and pull system

Push pull pump ERR100 Sauer * 2

Pressure 310bar

Motor A6V107 Rexroth * 8

Hydraulic oil tank volume 700L

The hydraulic oil Caltex HD46 (normal, -15 to 40 DEG C, standard)

Caltex HDZ46 (cold, -30 to 40 DEG C)


4, electrical system

According to the characteristics of horizontal directional drilling construction, the application of advanced intelligent control technology, CAN bus technology, the instrument display is clear, easy to observe.

Using large size and high resolution display. Actual pulling force and rotating torque in the construction of automatic direct display.

PLC control, with engine speed, temperature, oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature, back oil filter, a power head limit parameter monitoring and alarm, with fault self diagnosis function, convenient repair and maintenance.

Wire walking, stepless speed regulation, convenient operation, safe transitions.

Rotary and push and pull are using multi – gear control, stepless speed regulation, suitable for the formation of a wide range of geological.

System voltage DC24V

Battery Valta 6-QW-120B * 4

Controller RC28-14/30 Rexroth

Hessman IMCT3654 display

Push pull rotary handle MCH22 Sauer

Speed sensor HDD2L16NA/20 Rexroth

Induction switch JM18APA102 Honeywell

Travel switch SZL-WLC-B Honeywell

Temperature sensor MBT3270020 Danfoss

Pressure sensor MBS3050 Danfoss


5, drill frame

The front rocker arm and the rear supporting cylinder are simultaneously variable amplitude, and the angle adjustment operation is simple and the range is large.

Drilling frame adjustment angle 9 ~ 16


6, power head

Drill through the rack and pinion complete push pull maneuver; power head mandrel floating device can effectively protect the drill pipe thread; variable motor to realize the high speed push pull, push and pull size can according to the needs of the construction of the stepless regulation and protect the drill.

Max push pull 2200kN

Max pushing speed 35m/min

Maximum rotation torque of 75000 N / M

Max rotation speed 90r/min

Power head Max stroke 7100mm

Rotary speed reducer ED2090 Brevini * 3

Push and pull speed reducer ET1572 Brevini * 8


7, vice

XZ2000 XCMG hdd directional drilling  is equipped with rotary self strong heart shackle vice, firm clamping drill pipe; before and after the vice can relatively slip, was not only a good field of vision, but also easy to maintenance of Huya replacement.

238000N m torque shackle

After a rotation angle of 22 degrees

Vice separation distance 300mm

8, with the car crane

Random allocation of XCMG 3.2T crane, manual operation, stable and convenient.

The maximum lifting weight 3.2T

The farthest distance 6.32m.

M / 6.4t, the maximum lifting torque


9, cab

Rotating type anti noise cab, seat adjustable, equipped with air-conditioning and heating, greatly enhance the drilling operation in the degree of comfort and interior lights and windshield wiper, sunshade, shock absorption seats configuration, suitable for operation.

Cab width 1000mm

Cab length 1800mm

Air conditioning and refrigeration capacity 4600W

Air conditioning system heat 5000W (engine coolant 85 above)


10, independent of the operating room (optional)

Optional air conditioning with the independent operation of the room, away from the rig vibration and noise, operating comfort. When the independent operating room is selected, the drilling machine can not be installed in the driving room.

Input power AC 220V

Operating room size (length * width * height mm) 3500 * 2438 * 2591

Air conditioning power 1.5P


11, drill pipe, drill (optional)

May choose to use a standard drill pipes or non excavation special biparietal type drill rod; back expansion device optional cut expanded, squeezed type, runner or other special reamer diameter from 300mm to 1500mm; maximum construction length of up to 1600 meters; the users can also according to their own needs matching other types and specifications of the short joint, actuator etc..

The drill pipe diameter 127mm

Drill pipe length 6000mm

NC50 API of joint dimension at both ends of drill pipe

Note: the maximum torque and maximum torque of the drill pipe can not reach the maximum value at the same time, in order to avoid the use of drill pipe sticking button, please observe the maximum connection torque limit.


Item Specification
Engine Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins
Model QSL8.9
Rated power 484 kW (242×2)/(2100 r/min)
Push&pull Type 8 motor drive rack Pinion




transmission 5 speed
Max back reamer/drilling fore 2200 kN
Power head travel speed 0~35m/min
Swing Type  3 motor driven gear transmission
Swing transmission 4 speed
Power head travel speed 75000 N·m
Power head rotation speed 0~90 r/min
Drilling pipe Model φ127 mm×6m
Frame Type Slide box type with people walk channel
Adjust angle 9~16°
Crane Type Telescopic forklift
Rated load 3.2 t
Walking drive Type Steel track
Walking speed 1.5 km/h
Mud pump type  Hydraulic driven
Operating weight 30t
Transportation size LxWxH 12700×2700×3400 mm


Four Main components

ENGINE Cummins
PUSH&PULL MOTOR Germany Rexroth
CONTROLLER Germany Rexroth



Transportation size                   12700×2700×3400mm

Operating weight(No pipe or accessories)         30tSIX Files

Product qualification certificate

Product specification

Engine instruction manual

General specification for air conditioning of engineering vehicles

Operating instructions and maintenance manual of truck crane

Mud pump maintenance manual (optional)

Packing list (including spare parts and spare parts list, list of tools and tools)

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