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1150 meters of gas pipeline was towed back in 11 hours

March 19, 2021

The diameter of the towed pipeline is 1422mm, the total length is 1150 meters, and it takes 11 hours to complete it. This is another masterpiece of XCMG XZ13600.

The Tangshan Caofeidian gas pipeline project across the Great Alkaline Line is an important part of the Sino-Russian East Route natural gas pipeline project. It is located on the long and narrow horst structural belt on the northwestern flank of the Kaiping syncline. There are mainly three large-scale faults: the Dabalizhuang fault, the Douhe fault and the Tangshan fault. Moreover, the urban area of Tangshan has poor regional stability, which is an unstable area.

Faced with complex geological conditions, the customer chose the world’s largest horizontal directional drilling rig XCMG XZ13600 for construction.

The reamed stratum is mostly sandy soil layer, which crosses the fish pond and the adjacent road in the process. According to on-site construction personnel, the construction efficiency averages 1 drill pipe in 12 minutes, and the starting pulling force is 300 tons when it is pulled back. Considering the pressure on the gas pipeline, the latter is basically stable at 200 tons pulling force. The dragging pipe has a diameter of 1422mm, a total length of 1150 meters, and a total of 11 hours for pipe drawing.

At the end of the construction, the client expressed sincerely:

XCMG horizontal directional drills have always been a top domestic brand, participating in many underground pipeline construction projects, with high construction efficiency and high-quality after-sales services. This is the reason why I chose XCMG XZ13600 to complete this project.

As the XCMG horizontal directional drilling rig that occupies half of the domestic market and has the largest market share in key overseas markets, it is as small as possible for electric power and communication engineering construction, and as large as water supply, drainage, oil, and natural gas pipeline construction. It has always been committed to creating super Value value!

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