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102mm horizontal directional drill mud motor for XCMG XZ680A

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  1. Introductionof company

Our company is a modern technical comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, leasing, maintenance and technical guidance. It is a professional manufacturer of mud motors (screw drilling tools), rock reamers, probe cavities and drilling tools. The company regards quality as life. It owns equipment such as CNC lathes, pipe thread lathes, universal horizontal milling machines and other non-destructive testing machines and tools to ensure the quality and performance of the products. Our company has a strong after-sales service team, strong scientific research strength and rich technical experience. It is diligent in innovation and courageous, based on the “customer first” principle, with integrity, professionalism, innovation and pragmatic business philosophy, and first-class management, first-class design, first-class manufacturing technology, first-class product cost-effectiveness and professional after-sales service provide the best service and high-quality products for colleagues in the industry.

We will continue to follow the principle of taking science and technology as the guide, focusing on knowledge, talent, and people, and continue to develop new products to meet market needs. Our company is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad for common development!

  1. Mud motor

Mud motor is also called screw drilling tool. Mud motor is the first choice drilling tool for directional drilling tools in complex formations and hard rock formations. During normal drilling, the drill rod drives the motor to rotate together. When guidance is required, the motor’s bending point bus is adjusted to the 12 o’clock direction of the probe. Driven to achieve guided drilling.

  1. Main componentof mud motor:

(1) By-pass valve assembly: The by-pass valve assembly is located above the motor, and it consists of the valve body, valve core, valve sleeve, spring, and valve port assembly. It has two positions: bypass and close, which effectively spills the mud on the well floor during the drilling operation.

(2) Substitute joint: The bypass valve is a substitute joint. Although the bypass valve is very reliable, it is not recommended in some deep wells, highly deviated wells, horizontal wells, and the use of central-control drill screw tools and non-digging horizontal directional drilling Use instead of a substitute connector.

(3) Anti-dropping device: It consists of anti-dropping joints, dropping nuts, and anti-straits. Its role is to prevent the drill from falling off or breaking due to different reasons.

(4) Stators: The stators produced by our company can be divided into two types: one is a normal temperature stator with a rated temperature of 95 ° C and a maximum temperature of 120 ° C; one is a high temperature resistant stator with a rated temperature of 120 ° C and a maximum temperature of 150 ° C. In order to ensure the sealing effect of the motor, the matching size between the rotor and the stator is reasonably selected.

(5) Cardan shaft: sealed oil lubrication, multiple steel balls transmit torque to make it swing flexibly and the force is reasonable. Its role is to transmit the planetary motion of the motor to the fixed shaft of the drive shaft to rotate, Torque and speed are transmitted to the transmission shaft to the drill bit, so as to achieve the purpose of drilling.

(6) Cardan shaft housing: Divided into straight housing, single curved housing, double curved housing and adjustable curved housing. The distance between the bending point of the curved casing and the drill bit has been accurately calculated and practiced several times, and a reasonable length distance is summarized, which effectively improves the slope and thus has a guiding function, that is, a guiding mud motor.

  1.  Technical parameters
Drill model Drill size
Head  qty Displacement
Drill speed
Working pressure drop
Output torque
Output power
4LZ54*3.5 60-89 5∶6 2-3 250-400 2.4 90 12.6
5LZ65*3.5 79-111 5∶6 3-4 240-380 3.4 180 14.8
5LZ73*3.5 80-115 5∶6 3-4 240-380 3.4 180 15.6
5LZ89*3.5 114-152 5∶6 6-8 110-170 2.8 900 17.4
5LZ95*7.0 118-152 5∶6 6-10 100-220 2.8 955 24.0
5LZ120*7.0 149-200 5∶6 10-16 95-190 3.2 1600 38.0
5LZ165*7.0 213-251 5∶6 20-32 100-160 4.0 3800 73.0
5LZ172*7.0 213-251 5∶6 20-36 106-170 4.0 4600 115.0
5LZ185*7.0 241-270 5∶6 20-37 80-150 4.0 5800 124.0
5LZ197*7.0 251-311 5∶6 22-45 80-150 4.0 7600 177.0
6LZ203*7.0 251-311 6∶7 25-53 95-140 5.0 9800 199.0
5LZ216*7.0 311-394 5∶6 25-53 85-160 5.0 11000 220.0
5LZ244*7.0 311-445 5∶6 25-75 90-220 5.0 16000 360.0


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