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Horizontal directional drilling construction scheme for trenchless crossing project(2)

May 22, 2019

Chapter 5 Site restoration of horizontal directional drilling

After the crossing line is connected to the pipeline on land and the pressure test is completed, the site can be restored.In the section immediately adjacent to the pipeline, fine soil shall be backfilled. During the backfilling process, the straight pipeline shall be avoided to be damaged by smashing or bumping, and hard sundries such as doped stones shall be strictly prohibited to avoid damaging the pipeline anticorrosive layer (party a shall be responsible for it).


Chapter 6 Construction schedule of horizontal directional drilling

The total project period depends on the coordination and cooperation of party a.According to the construction plan of the drilling machine, we received the notice of entering the site to enter the site for construction. In the early stage of the project, we coordinated the site leveling and earth-rock excavation at the entry point, the installation and debugging of the drilling machine, the construction of the guide hole, the excavation of the earth pit, the back expansion and the back hauling pipe for a total of 7 days.Pipeline welding and pressure test can be carried out simultaneously during drilling rig construction.


Chapter 7 Engineering quality assurance measures of horizontal directional drilling

Engineering quality is the core of engineering safety and reliability, and quality management is a powerful means to ensure quality.The implementation of construction technical measures, the implementation of construction technical regulations, the overall planning and control of the construction process, should be carried out around the assurance of project quality.The project will implement total quality management, the project quality control in every link of the construction.

  1. The first responsible person for project quality shall be the project manager, and the technical person shall be responsible for daily quality supervision and inspection and have the right of quality veto.In economic benefit assessment, project quality is the first assessment target.
  2. Establish a complete quality management system. The technical quality department is fully responsible for the inspection of construction quality.Unconditional rework of the process to check for quality problems until the design and specification requirements are met.

3.Improve the quality awareness of construction personnel, adhere to the site technical meeting.

1)Provide pre-job training for construction personnel.

2)Organize all constructors to study the construction plan carefully according to the working procedure, and put forward specific requirements and measures according to the working procedure construction.

3)Make construction records and self-inspection records.The technician is responsible for collecting and checking all the data on site.

4)The success or failure of directional drilling is related to whether the project can be completed as scheduled and the quality reputation of the company.To this end, all construction workers must:

①In the design stage, the engineering quality report should be studied in detail. Combined with field investigation, the horizontal directional drilling pipeline laying engineering technical specification (CSTT) should be used to design the laying track and systematically analyze the stress of the pipeline, so as to ensure the safety and quality of construction.

②During construction, accurately adjust the position and Angle of the drill.

③The guide hole should be measured every 3 meters. If any deviation is found, it should be adjusted in time and the number of measurements should be increased to ensure that the guide rail is within the design range.

④The guide personnel should accurately judge the position and trend of the drill bit in the hole during the guiding process, issue the instruction of adjusting the drilling trajectory, and guide the drill bit to drill along the designed trajectory.

⑤The driller shall operate in strict accordance with the instructions issued by the guide personnel. In case of any abnormal situation, the driller shall stop drilling in time and discuss with the guide personnel to solve the problem. The driller shall not make any claim without authorization and shall make construction records.

⑥Mud preparation personnel should master the entire drilling fluid mixing, purification and circulation system, monitor the amount of water required, adjust the appropriate drilling fluid.

⑦The quality of the pipeline should be strictly checked before entering the site.

⑧Check the welding and anticorrosion of the lifting lugs of the pipeline before towing the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline meets the design requirements.

⑨Before the construction, the technical disclosure should be made to the operators, and the quality standards and requirements should be emphasized.

⑩Strengthen the quality assurance system, and the project manager is fully responsible for the quality management.

⑪Construction personnel shall cooperate actively with each other to ensure that each procedure is carried out in accordance with norms.


Chapter 8 Safety management measures of horizontal directional drilling

Implement the policy of “safety first, prevention first”, strictly implement various technical safety organization measures, ensure safe construction, protect the lives of workers and construction equipment from damage.Take construction safety work as the important task to grasp, correctly handle the relationship between construction safety and quality, schedule, efficiency, in the project schedule and safety conflicts must be resolutely subordinate to safety, give way to safety.The safety construction objectives of this project are:

  1. Eliminate serious injuries and deaths;
  2. Eliminate equipment and accidents with a loss of more than 5,000-10,000 yuan;
  3. The rate of minor injury per 100 people is less than 1 person;
  4. No fire or flood accidents;Five, eliminate illegal command, illegal operation.

To achieve the above objectives, the following security measures are adopted:

1.Implement the safety management system, establish and improve the safety production guarantee system.

A safety leading group was established on site, with the project manager as the leader of the safety leading group, the technical leader as the deputy leader, the full-time safety officer and the team leaders as the members of the safety leading group.Do civilization construction and scientific management, project management, rules and regulations, discipline education, safety training, the use of mechanical equipment maintenance and other aspects, establish the safe construction responsibility system, pays special attention to the discipline of education and technical training, and constantly improve the quality of the construction personnel at all levels, at the same time take rewards and punishment system, and create safe working conditions, health and harmless, in strict accordance with the provisions of the construction process, process, ensure the safety of the project.According to the regulations of the system of work safety assurance, each party shall perform its own duties, and make good safety assurance work from four aspects: ideology, organization, inspection and economy.

2.Strengthen construction site management, pay attention to visual observation.

Visual observation is not only small but also large, special attention should be paid to the observation of drilling process in the change of flushing fluid output, abnormal conditions, should stop the operation, take safety measures in time, eliminate hidden dangers before the operation.


  1. All construction personnel must have worn labor protective equipment.
  2. A simple medical care box is set up on the construction site, and part-time doctors are equipped to provide on-site medical treatment for minor injuries and diseases.Major injuries, timely sent to the local hospital treatment.
  3. Improve environmental hygiene and diet hygiene, reduce mobile diseases and eliminate food poisoning incidents.
  4. Care about employees’ recreational activities, and guide employees in healthy entertainment.
  5. According to the climate change, do a good job in protecting employees from heat and keeping them warm.

ⅡEnvironmental protection

1.Environmental protection agency

Project manager is the first head of the environmental protection, project technical director is responsible for environmental protection technology, the project department and construction ZuoYeDui personnel at various levels shall take responsibility for environmental protection, and the staff at all levels environmental education, firmly establish a authorized by the state of sustainable protection of ecological environment is the main development strategy of note.

2.Environmental protection measures

1) construction sewage is discharged into the river only after it is precipitated out of the construction area by the drainage pump.

2) waste oil, waste liquid and other wastes after construction shall not be thrown about randomly, and shall be collected separately for unified treatment.

3) noise emitting equipment should be kept away from houses as far as possible, and anti-noise facilities and measures should be added.

4) in order to protect farmland, after the completion of the project, organize the re-cultivation of the rented site as far as possible.

5) abide by national environmental protection laws and regulations, and accept the guidance and supervision of local environmental protection departments.

ⅢPublic security fire protection civilization construction

  1. Strengthen vocational fire control education, set up a voluntary fire brigade to do fire control work well, especially the temporary working shed where employees live, pay attention to the management of electric welding, gas welding, smoking, electrical and other fire sources.And with a certain fire hose and fire extinguisher, to prevent fire malignant accident.
  2. To strengthen public security prevention, the project department sets up a security team with 2-3 part-time security personnel to prevent fights, fights and theft of money and goods.
  3. All workplaces, office locations and dormitories shall be under the management of listing, and shall be responsible for cleaning the environment and sanitation in different regions. Relevant rules and regulations, listing, wall installation and compliance shall be observed by everyone.
  4. Establish a leading group for civilized construction bolt inspection, with the project manager as the group leader and the director of the general office as the deputy group leader, and regularly inspect the civilized construction.
  5. All construction management personnel and construction personnel at the site must wear name tags, safety officers, quality inspectors and construction workers must have obvious signs, and former personnel at the site on the right shall not enter the camp and the site.Visitors must hold a valid letter of introduction and be led by a designated person upon approval of the site manager.
  6. The construction area and living area shall be surrounded by walls. The construction site shall be equipped with reasonable layout and treatment.
  7. Strengthen the management of drawings, documents and materials, prevent loss, and pay attention to confidentiality.


Chapter 9 Emergency rescue plan of horizontal directional drilling

ⅠPolicy, objectives, organization, command, responsibility


People-oriented, safety first, disaster relief, to avoid losses.


To prevent accidents, reduce casualties, avoid economic losses and ensure the smooth construction of the project.

3.Institutional framework

The project department establishes a leading group for emergency response.

Team leader: project manager

Deputy leader: deputy manager and technical director

Member: quality inspector

Safety officer: pilot

Members: team leaders and team leaders

4.Command, responsibility

The project chief engineer shall be responsible for the technical treatment of the accident emergency treatment general commander.

The deputy general commander of emergency response and the deputy project manager are responsible for logistics and accident handling.The project manager shall take full responsibility for the emergency rescue in case of any accident during the construction.

ⅡAccident emergency treatment procedures

1.Procedures for emergency handling and reporting of accidents

In case of accidents during construction, the following procedures shall be followed:

①Project manager (or technical manager);

②Project manager (or technical manager) : according to the nature and severity of the accident, decide to report the following personnel;

③General manager of company:

④Chief supervisor;

⑤Owner’s representative

⑥Related units: emergency center, traffic police, fire control, power, communication, gas, water, drainage and other units;

⑦Major personal accidents shall be reported to local safety supervision departments.

2.Contents of accident emergency report

①Name of reporter;

②The location of the accident;

③The time of the accident;

④The nature of the accident, whether there are casualties and casualties, injury site;

⑤The rescue treatment of the accident has been carried out on the spot;

⑥Personnel, materials, equipment, tools and transportation vehicles that need to be further involved in the rescue.

3)Emergency call:

Police tel: 110  fire tel: 119  hospital tel: 120

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