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Trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

June 6, 2019


1.Horizontal directional drilling rig’s definition

Horizontal directional drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery for laying a variety of underground public facilities (pipes, cables, etc.) without excavation of the surface.

It is mainly used for crossing the roads, railways, buildings, rivers, and in the downtown, cultural relics reserves, crops and vegetation reserve excavation under the condition of not easily, such as water supply カ, gas, electricity, telecommunications, such as Natural gas, petroleum, sewage pipeline laying or update.

Most horizontal directional drilling rig is measured by backhaul force.Imported equipment is usually measured in pounds, while domestic equipment is measured in Kn.

In addition to push and pull, all devices have an important parameter – torque. In the early stages of directional drilling development, it was believed that equipment was primarily used to drag pipelines back and forth, and manufacturers emphasized the push and pull of equipment. With the development of technology, it is recognized that torque is also an important factor.Because, in the directional drilling construction, mainly rely on the torque to cut the underground soil layer, the equipment does not have the appropriate torque, also cannot well complete The project.Therefore, directional drills with different capabilities must have a combination of push and torque.

2.Horizontal directional drilling rig’s system introduction

Horizontal directional drilling RIGS of various specifications are composed of drilling rig systems, power systems, directional control systems, mud systems, drilling tools and auxiliary tools.

1)Drilling system

It is the main part of drilling and retracting through equipment.It consists of the main rig, rotary table, etc.The main engine of the rig is placed on the rig rack to complete drilling and towing operations.The rotary table is installed at the front end of the main engine of the drilling machine, connected with the drill pipe, and can meet the requirements of different operating states by changing the rotation speed and output torque of the rotary table.

2)Dynamical system

It is composed of hydraulic power source and generator power source.It provides the drilling rig system with high pressure hydraulic oil as the power of the drilling rig, and the generator provides power for supporting electrical equipment and construction site lighting.

3)Direction-control system

Direction-control system is a directional tool that guides the bit to drill correctly by monitoring and controlling the specific position and other parameters of the bit in the ground.Because of the control of this system, the drill bit can be drilled according to the design curve.

4)Mud system

Mud system is composed of mud mixing tank, mud pump and mud pipeline to provide mud suitable for drilling conditions for the drilling system.

5)Drill and auxiliary tools

It is a variety of machines and tools used in drilling and reaming.Drill tools are mainly suitable for various geological tools such as drill pipe, drill bit, mud motor, hole reamer and cutter.Auxiliary equipment includes snap rings, rotary union and drag heads of various pipe diameters.


3.Foreign horizontal directional drilling rig’s advantage

At present, most of the products of horizontal directional drilling RIGS abroad have the following technical characteristics: the spindle drive gear box adopts high-strength steel structure, with large transmission torque and reliable performance;Fully automatic drill pipe loading and unloading access device;Large flow mud supply system and automatic flow control device;Advanced hydraulic load feedback, a variety of electrical logic control systems, high quality PLC electronic circuit system to ensure a long period of reliable work;High strength integrated drill pipe and drilling and backhaul drill tools;Quick anchorage positioning device;Advanced electronic guided transmission and reception system.


  1. Horizontal directional drilling rig’s current situation in China

According to the survey of 35 horizontal directional drilling rig manufacturers (including agents), the number of horizontal directional drilling RIGS newly put into the market reached 1534 in 2009, 170 more than 1364 in 2008, and the growth rate reached 12.5%.Of the Newly added drilling RIGS, 9 are imported, accounting for only 0.6% of the total. The number of export drilling RIGS was 104, accounting for 6.8%. By the end of 2009, the total number of horizontal directional drilling RIGS in China’s market has Established 6,767, including 384 imported RIGS and 511 exported RIGS. The annual growth of horizontal directional drilling RIGS in China is shown in the figure below.

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