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xcmg xz960e hdd rig

XCMG XZ960E HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

XCMG XZ960E HDD rig Technical Specification XZ960E HDD rig Technical Specification Model: XCMG XZ960E hdd rig Manufacturer:XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Group Co.; Ltd. XCMG XZ960E HDD rig is integrated self-loaded designed with closed loops and hydraulic system, load sensing controlling system . The main components of hydraulic system, electrical system and transmission system are of top-grade domestic and international brand, …

XCMG horizontal direct drilling

XCMG XZ1500 HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine

Technical Specifications Product model: XCMG XZ1500 HDD horizontal directional drilling Manufacturer: Xuzhou XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd With the integral self-loading design,XCMG XZ1500 HDD horizontal directional drilling adopts the closed energy saving circuit, electro-hydraulic proportional control, load sensing control and other advanced control technologies and the patent technologies of the Company. Its main performance parameters and control technologies have …


    Wuhan Yichao Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of horizontal directional drilling rigs. We are XCMG authorized distributor and has nearly 10 years of trenchless pipeline experience.



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