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  • XCMG XZ1500 HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine

    Engine power(kw) 392

    Max t0rque(N.m) 6000

    Max back pull force(kN) 1500

    Pipe size(mm*mm) 127*9600

    • Description

    Technical Specifications
    Product model: XCMG XZ1500 HDD horizontal directional drilling
    Manufacturer: Xuzhou XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd
    With the integral self-loading design,XCMG XZ1500 HDD horizontal directional drilling adopts the closed energy saving circuit, electro-hydraulic proportional control, load sensing control and other advanced control technologies and the patent technologies of the Company. Its main performance parameters and control technologies have reached the international advanced level. The important components such as hydraulic system are all world famous brand, ensuring the high reliability.

    I.Technical features

    Hydraulic system: the closed energy saving circuit, load sensing control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and other advanced control technologies as well as imported elements with reliable quality are adopted.
    Rotation: low-speed and high-torque motor drive, two speeds, automatic high-pressure protection
    Push-pull: gear rack push-pull, continuous regulation of three speeds, high work efficiency.
    Cab: all-weather double-person cab, in which the steering and operating devices  are concentrated, and which is easy to operate.
    Engine: turbine engine with high power reserve, ensuring the drilling power and emergency needs.
    Drill tower: assembled high-strength drill tower suitable for drill stems of different length; cylinder driven sliding drill tower easy to adjust the angle.
    Drill stem clamp: full-floating clamp and truck crane, making it easy to mount and dismount the drill stem
    Crawler: self-propelled steel crawler with high moving strength
    Wired travel: it’s easy and fast to transport the machine between work sites.
    Supervision: including the engine, hydraulic pressure and filtration are supervised and alarmed, effectively to protect the machine.
    Emergency operation: the manual operation system is installed to adapt for the emergency and ensure the construction safe.

    II. Main Parameter

    Item Digital
    Engine Manufacturer Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd
    Model KTA19
    Rated power kW/ rpm 392/2100
    Push-pull Type Six motor drive, gear/rack type
    Max. pulling/pushing force kN 1500/1500
    Operating speed of power unit m/min 0~23
    Rotation Type Double-motor gear transmission
    Max. torque of power unit N.m 60000
    Rotation speed of power unit r/min 0~80
    Diameter mm φ127
    Length(single piece) m 9.6
    Drill tower Type Slide box-type drill tower with walking board
    Adjusting angle ° 8~18
    Truck crane Type Full-rotation telescopic-boom crane
    Max. lifting mass t 3.2
    Travel drive Type Self-propelled steel crawler
    Travel speed km/h 2
    Slurry pump Type Hydraulic drive (connected outside)
    Flow rate L/min 1200
    Cab All-weather double person
    Overall dimension mm 16200X3150X3500
    Weight t 41

    III.Main parts supplier

    Engine Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd
    Transfer case GERMANY STIEBEL (imported)
    Master pump USA SAUER (imported)
    Rotation motor FRANCE  POCLAIN (imported)
    Push-pull motor USA SAUER (imported)
    Valve USA SAUER (imported)
    Handle USA SAUER (imported)
    Speed reducer ITALY BONFIGLIOLI (imported)
    Crawler Shantui Construction Machinery chassis
    Travel speed reducer Korea Tongmyong (imported)
    Truck crane XCMG
    Hose coupling STAUFF (imported)
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