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    XCMG XZ960E HDD rig Technical Specification
    XZ960E HDD rig Technical Specification
    Model: XCMG XZ960E hdd rig
    Manufacturer:XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Group Co.; Ltd.
    XCMG XZ960E HDD rig is integrated self-loaded designed with closed loops and hydraulic system, load sensing controlling system . The main components of hydraulic system, electrical system and transmission system are of top-grade domestic and international brand, and high reliability.

    I.Features Introduction

    1.Closed circuits and hydraulic system with load sensing control.
    2.Gear rack thrust pull design insures operation. Floating carriage can protect the screw thread of the rods.
    3.High-speed sliding systems, piston motor to achieve high and low sliding speed of carriage, increasing the ability to adapt the machine working conditions, promote construction efficiency.
    4.Sliding, rotating system multiple output, modular common rail fuel system and electronic control module, system energy saving, high efficiency of construction.
    5.Extensive views, single double handle operation mode,Wire guided walking system,it has comfortable operability ,highly active and safe.
    6.The semi-automatic drill pipeloader, can be installed to reduce the working load and improve efficiency.

    II. Technology Introduction


    XZ960E employs classical H-shape bridge structure, steel tracks, perfect site adaptability, and great stability. The imported brand “Eaton” walking reducer performance well.

    track length 3125 mm
    track outer width 2250 mm
    Track width 400 mm
    Wheel Tread 2545 mm
    Gradeability 30%
    Walking speed 4km/h
    Grounding pressure 63kPa

    2.Engine system

    SDEC turbocharging engine is very powerful and meets the China III.
    Engine model SC9DF300G3
    Rated power 221kW
    Max. torque of engine 1300 N.m(1300-1600r/min) Rated rotating speed 2200 r/min
    Emission standard China III
    Fuel tank volume 315L

    3.Hydraulic system

    Closed circuit for rotation, open circuit for other functions. Advanced controlling tech such as load sensitivity, EHC (electrohydraulic control), imported components with great quality.
    Fuel tank volume 350L

    4.Electrical system

    Electrical startup button, fuse box, electric master switch.
    Specially designed simple electric wire is for HDD construction technology.
    Optimize instruments’ position to be easily observed. Drive-by-wire, and continuously viable make operation easy and convenient. Monitoring alarm for engine rotary speed, water temperature, machine oil pressure, hydraulic oil level and temperature, oil return filtration, and carriage limit ensure operation safe.
    Electrical system DC24V

    5.Drilling frame

    Very strong drilling frame, working well with 6m length drilling rods. Swing cylinder working with angle cylinder to achieve accurate drilling angle.
    Drilling frame adjustable angle 12.5~20°


    The machine thrust and pull through gear rack. Carriage’s floating mandrel protects rods thread effectively. Variable displacement motor speed up thrusting and pulling. Thrusting and pulling reinforcement appliance can be chosen to increase pulling power and avoid construction risk.
    Max. thrusting /pulling force 970kN
    Max. Thrusting /pulling speed 50m/min
    Max. Rotation torque 33000N·m
    Max. Rotation speed 120r/min
    Max. Walking distance of carriage 7100mm


    Equipped with powerful shackle vice

    8.Mud Pump

    High flow mud pump can provides strong power to have easier construction.
    Max. Mud pump flow 600L/min
    Max. Mud pump pressure 10Mpa

    9.Console and Cab

    Adjustable seat, and air conditioner improve comfort. Inner light, windshield, windscreen wiper, upturning window glass. Instruments and operation handle on board is very reachable and convenient.
    Cab width 1050mm
    Air conditioner refrigeration 4600W
    Air conditioner heating 5000W when the engine cooling fluid is more than 85℃

    10.Mounted crane

    Manual manipulation 2t crane.
    Max. Lifting weight 2t

    11.Pipe Loader

    semi-automatic pipe loader:
    XZ960E HDD has the semi-automatic pipe loader, used rotating structure to achieve handling drill semi-automatization.

    12.Drilling rod and drilling rigs

    XZ960E HDD Accessories Configuration:

    Name Type Form Specification Note
    Drill pipe (S135)Welded ¢102mm×6m NC38
    Drilling Rigs Back Reamer Extrusion ¢450mm XCMG
    Tunnel ¢450mm
    Accessories Pilot guide bit 102
    Guide plate 102
    Puller 102
    Puller 102
    Transfer case 80T
    Connect 102
    Mud System Mud Mixing System 5m3
    Instrument Guide nstrument Navigator E XCMG
    Detector 8100 Radiodetection

    III.Main Technical Parameters

    Item Parameter
    Engine Manufacture SDEC
    221 kW/ 2200 r/min
    Thrust/Pull Type Gear Rack
    Max thrust-pull force 970 kN
    Max thrust-pull speed 50 m/min
    Rotation Torque 33000 N·m
    Max spindle speed 120 r/min
    Rods Diameter × Length Φ102 mm×6000mm
    Mud Pump Max Flow rate 600 L/min
    Max pressure 10 Mpa
    Weight 16200kg

    IV.Main Part Configuration

    Name Manufacturer
    Engine SDEC
    Rotating Pump Linde Hydraulics
    Thrust/Pull Pump Liyuan
    Auxiliary Pump Permco
    Thrust/Pull Valve XCMG
    Carriage Rotation Motor Liyuan
    Carriage Thrust/Pull Motor Liyuan
    Carriage Speed Reducer XCMG
    Crane XCMG

    V.verall dimension and transportation

    Overall dimension as following:


    XZ960E HDD includes following documents when delivery.
    Product Certificate
    Instruction Manual
    Operation and Maintenance Manual of Engine
    Quality Assurance Manual of Engine
    Operation and Maintenance Manual of Loader Crane
    Mud Pump Instruction Manual
    Packing List (including wearing parts and spare parts inventory, vehicle tools inventory, shipping list with items)

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