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Detection Method Of Trenchless Pipeline Under Complex Conditions

Detection Method Of Trenchless Pipeline Under Complex Conditions

Because the existing pipelines in the city’s underground are criss-crossed, the pipelines are heavy, chaotic and dense, forming artificial underground obstacles, which brings difficulties and risks to the trenchless construction. The situation of causing economic losses occurs, so the underground pipeline detection of the construction site must be carried out before the trenchless construction. So what are the trenchless pipeline …

Method Of Trenchless Pipeline Detection

Method Of Trenchless Pipeline Detection

What are the methods of trenchless pipeline detection? How should it be applied? Detection method selection According to the detection task and purpose, combined with the field survey and field working conditions, the geophysical prospecting method of this project is selected. 1. Electromagnetic induction method Metal pipelines generally have a medium strength or above (the K value is generally 100×4π×SI~1000×10-6×4π×SI), …


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