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The veteran has a trick to procrastinate! XCMG XZ6600 HDD has done well

December 31, 2020

Recently, the XCMG large-tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig XCMG XZ6600 completed the first drilling of the Sinopec pipeline laying project in Changsha, Hunan with strong performance, high efficiency, and high quality, and successfully completed the dragging construction.

The geology of the project is very complicated, including medium sand, coarse sand, rocks, pebbles and other conditions. 813 steel pipes are used for laying, and the crossing length is 1200m.

Such a complex stratum requires a professional team with rich experience and a complete set of foundations to work. The equipment must be high-end and intelligent, and it must ensure almost trouble-free construction performance. Both personnel and equipment need the best, and the project party has locked in XCMG Foundation that can provide reliable equipment and technical support for construction methods.

XCMG technicians use rock work methods and professional mud ratio technology to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of the project.

XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig adopts a digital display system to directly display the main construction parameters such as rotation torque and push-pull force, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional drilling rigs that need to be converted using pressure gauges, and is equipped with proprietary multi-condition speed control technology and multiple rotation and push-pull gear control technology.

To cope with such complex construction conditions, XCMG XZ6600 lasted 48 days of hard work and successfully completed the towing.

During the construction process, XCMG XZ6600 was stable and reliable, and there was no equipment failure. It perfectly overcomes the hard ground and long-distance crossing problems, and demonstrates the product’s super drilling power, drag torque and excellent accuracy. Customers greatly appreciated the high performance and stability of the equipment, and highly affirmed the XCMG brand.

As a veteran in the trenchless field, XCMG XZ6600 has excellent performance in major projects. In August of this year, it successfully completed the 1833m long crossing of the Dongxing branch of the China Science and Technology Refining and Chemical supporting gas pipeline.

In the face of the trust and support of customers, XCMG Foundation will live up to its trust and adhere to the product concept of “leading technology, not to be destroyed” to make handicrafts, and intensively work in the field of trenchless construction to provide customers with more comprehensive construction equipment and solutions. Plan to ensure the efficient construction and steady progress of various construction projects.

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