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Track Line Design Of Trenchless Drilling Rig

December 7, 2021

In the directional drilling process of trenchless drilling rigs, the drill bit moves in two ways, reverse drilling and only pushing. When reverse drilling, the direction does not change, and the orbit line is a straight line; when pushing, the law changes, and the orbit force is in the underground space curve. In this way, the entire drilling track is composed of several straight lines and arcs. Therefore, the basis of the directional drilling track is the spatial analysis geometry, and the mathematical definition of line, surface and angle must be used to express several basic parameters of the drilling track manipulation and establish mathematical expressions. Here it is okay to take the direction perpendicular to the ground plane as the Z-axis; the north-south direction as the X-axis. According to the spatial resolution, the following relational equations can be established or deduced.
“Man-made reservations” are carried out based on operating experience, relying on the operator to judge and adjust the forward direction, which makes the track of the hole section drilled at the time under the guidance accuracy and speed differ from the ideal track, return to recalibration, due to the previous During the drilling process, the surrounding environment of the old hole track is slackened under the strong scouring of the high-pressure mud fluid, and it is more difficult to change the direction by the push of the guide plate to calibrate the new track hole. , And the amount of return only depends on the passage. When directional drilling, it is always hoped that the underground track that can be obtained according to the operation control can be known in advance. It is best to have a set of operation control procedures when the drilling track is designed to excavate the drilling rig The research of directional drilling track is very necessary.
The key technology of trenchless pipe laying lies in the accurate control of the oriented drilling track to ensure that the original underground pipelines and obstacles are avoided, and the pipe is laid accurately and smoothly according to the designed road. It uses an advanced directional probe to measure the fore-and-aft inclination, depth, and facing angle of the steering plate of the underground drill bit, and artificially book its guiding direction based on the measurement results, and continuously push or continue drilling.

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