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When XCMG horizontal directional drill can be delivered after order?

February 2, 2019

Most customers will have the same question.That’s “When XCMG horizontal directional drill can be delivered after order?”

In order to answer this question,we have to explain what’s the XCMG factory order procedures and sea shipment procedures.

XCMG factory don’t produce horizontal directional drill as order!XCMG manufacturing line always fully working!It will arrange the manufacturing of different models patch by patch.

For example,one cycle of manufacturing arranges 5 units of XZ200,5 units of XZ320D,3 units of XZ450,3 units of XZ680A,2 units of XZ1000A ects.At the same time,all the orders will be in queue.Take XZ200 order as example,if there are 6 different customers saying like A,B,C,D,E,F,G.When these 7 customers place order,they have to pay some deposit and then they can be in the queue.If the 5 units XZ200 go down from manufacturing line,Customer A,B,C,D,E will be informed and asked to pay balance payment.Then they can take the machine.So customer F and G have to wait for next patch of XZ200 manufacturing.If customer D cann’t pay the balance on time when was told,then customer E will be informed and if he can pay the balance,he will take the machine.Then cutsomer D will be the first position of next patch of manufacturing.

Sometimes,when customer place order and there is no any other customer before him in the queue and happens that the model he need is in stock,so he can pay full and take the horizontal directioinal drill immediately.

The above explained how the order arranged.Then we will explain how shipment arranged.

Usually when the XCMG horizontal directional drill ready and customer pay the balance,we will book shipment for customer.For the models that can be holded in container,the shipment need to be booked 10 days in advanced.In another words,when the customar pay the balance and the machine ready,we will book container shipment and XCMG horizontal directional drill will leave China 10 days later.

If the XCMG horizontal directional drill is too large to be holded in the conatiner,we will use rollroll or bulk shipment.Then we have to see what’s the shipping schedule.As sometimes,there is only 1 shipment per month.

Sometimes in order to save time,after we know the machine ready time and shipment schedule,we will inform customer to pay the balance in advance so that we can book shipment earlier.

If you still have questions,please contact with us direxctly!

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