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XCMG reveal the list and take command again

April 2, 2021

Recently, the “hero posts” that have crossed the circle have become popular, but due to their length and construction difficulty, many excellent non-excavation industry insiders have been discouraged. XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig is unveiled!

1.Use strength as a “stepping stone”

The “stepping stone” of this mega project is the outstanding performance of XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig in the golden years!

As a veteran in the trenchless field, XCMG XZ6600 is amazing in strength and impeccable in actual combat. In August 2020, we successfully completed the 1833m long crossing of the Dongxing branch of Sinopec’s supporting gas pipeline, and the first drill in the Sinopec pipeline laying project perfectly traversed 1200m.

2.Use performance as a “transcript”

In this ultra-long-distance crossing, the XCMG project team’s responsibilities and responsibilities are simultaneously implemented, and the construction method and service are simultaneously implemented.

The construction plan of double drilling rigs to penetrate through is used for directional operation. The two drilling rigs must be drilled from both ends to ensure the accuracy of direction control. In the reaming stage, the dual drilling rigs are used to rotate together to increase the torque over a long distance, and provide Professional mud ratio and drilling tool transformation ensure the rationalization of various operating indicators and minimize the risk of custody.

To the industry’s surprise, the XCMG XZ6600 did not use a pipe pusher when towing the pipe. It only relied on the water suspension method to reduce the weight and friction of the custody, so that all links were closely linked, and the custody was very smooth. At present, the project has successfully hosted two drills, with an average duration of 1 month per drill.

3.Use sincerity as a “golden business card”

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