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  • XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig

    Engine power(kw) 264*2

    Max torque(N.m) 110000

    Max back pull force(kN) 3600

    Pipe size(mm*mm) 127/140/168*9600

    • Description

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig Technical Specification

    Product model: XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig

    Manufacturer: XCMG GROUP

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig is one-piece and full-drive XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig, which can choose the independent operating room. The machine adopts Closed loop circuit, the electro-hydraulic proportional control, load sensitive control, a number of advanced control technology and the company’s proprietary technology. The main technical parameters and the  control technology have reached the international advanced level. The main components such as hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electric control system choose the international brand-name products with the high reliability.

    1.The highlights

    1.1 Digital instrument can automatically display actual torque when working and the push&pull forces. Electronic sensor technology is sensitive and it can timely feedback instantaneous overload, and reliably protect of drilling rig; digital instrument overcomes the inaccurate, slow response, the need for manual gear torque conversion according to the construction and disadvantages of push pull indication of the traditional pressure meter.

    1.2 The drilling frame slip rely on push-pull cylinder. Combining with the front arm drill penetration angle adjusting structure, simple operation, safe and convenient. The three limit impact free limit technology is used to limit the drilling rig.

    1.3 Dual power system, eitherengine starts can confirm whole working requirement.The XZ2860 HDDrig can work in different terrain by multi working condition adjust technology and multi-gears control syste on rotation and push&pull.If the small diameter channel construction needed,only one engine start can save fuel and reduce the cost.

    1.4 Full floating vise,high torque shackle clamp make laying up sleeve pipe easily.The patent rotation vise seat make it easy to find center and clamp tightly.

    1.5 Overload protection technology, drilling rig rotary torque, push&pull and clamping vice  are using digital pressure regulating technology, convenient adjustment, simple and accurate preset.

    1.6 Closed Rotating hydraulic system, Sensitive loading controlled push&pull with international well-known brand components such as hydraulic,electronic device and transmission device make quality reliable.


    2.The introduction of technology

    2.1 Chassis

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig adopts the steel tracks and venue with the strong adaptability and high reliability. Import walking speed reducer is stable and reliable.

    Track length 4025mm
    Track external rim distance 2750mm
    Track width 600mm
    Wheel base 2150mm
    Supporting roller No. 9 pcs * 2
    Walking reducer Germany Rexroth GFT60 * 2
    Driving force 322kN
    Gradability 30%
    Walking speed 1.5km/h
    Ground pressure 96.1kPa
    Operating weight 46T(ZX2860)/48T(ZX2860 Plus)


    2.2 Engine System

    Choosing Cummins turbo engine. It is powerful. Meeting the China’s second/third(Standard option) stage emission standards.

    Engine type  QSL8.9-C360(3 stage)/6LTAA8.9-C360(2 stage)
    Rated power 264kW×2
    Max. torque 1500 N•m /(1500r/min)(QSL8.9)

    1400N·m /(1400r/min)(6LTAA8.9)

    Standard Third /Second stage
    Main engine fuel tank volume 900L


    2.3 The hydraulic system

    Rotating takes the closed hydraulic system. Push and pull takes the load sensitive control and other advanced control technology.T he imported components are reliable in quality.

    Power head rotation system
    Rotation pump SauerH1PX2
    Pressure 330bar
    Motor Rexroth  A6V×6
    Power head push and pull system
    push and pull pump SauerERX4
    Pressure 310bar
    Motor Rexroth  A6V×10
    The hydraulic oil tank volume 940L
    The hydraulic oil Caltex HD46 (normal -15 ℃ to -40 ℃,  standard)

    Caltex HDZ46 (cold, – 30 ℃ to 40 ℃)


    2.4 The electrical system

    According to the characteristics of the horizontal directional drilling construction, the application of advanced intelligent control technology, CAN bus technology, the instrument shows clear. It is convenient to observe.

    Using large size, high resolution display. Automatic directly show the actual construction of the push pull force and rotary torque.

    PLC control has the engine speed, water temperature, oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature, oil filter, power head limit and other parameters can monitor and alarm with the fault self-diagnosis function and convenient maintenance.

    Walking wire control, stepless speed regulation. It is convenient to operate.

    Rotation and push-pull adopt multiple control, stepless speed regulation, suitable for wide scope of strata and geological.

    System voltage DC24V
    Storage battery Delphi6-QW-120B X4
    Controller RexrothRC28-14/30
    Display PalfinTT104V2-L
    Push and pull rotation handle Sauer MCH22
    Speed sensor RexrothHDD2L16NA/20
    Induction switch HoneywellJM18APA102
    Travel switch HoneywellSZL-WLC-B
    Temperature sensor DanfossMBT3270020
    Pressure sensor DanfossMBS3050


    2.5 Drill stand

    Use rocker arm before and the rear range at the same time, the support cylinder Angle adjustment scope of the operation is simple and large scope.

    Equipped with the identity of the welded drill, standard pipe bracket, it is convenient to operate. Drill sliding is driven by oil cylinder and it is convenient to adjust..

    Drill sliding distance 2500mm
    Drill stand Angle adjustment 8~16°


    2.6 Power head

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig can finish the action of push and pull through the gear and rack. Power head floating mandrel device can effectively protect the drill pipe thread. The variable motor can achieve high-speed push-pull. The size of push an pull can be adjusted according to the requirements of the construction of inorganic, which can protect the drill pipe.

    Max. Push& pull force 3600kN
    Max. Push&pull speed 25m/min
    Max. rotating torque 110000N.m
    Max. Rotating speed 76r/min
    Max. walking distance 11000mm
    Rotating reducer BreviniEL1572/Bonfiglioli 309L2
    Push and pull reducer BreviniET3250/Bonfiglioli 310L3


    2.7 Vice

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig equipped with three cylinder strength shackle vice, it can move in the drill on the whole. It is convenient to construct. The front and rear vice can relative slip. It is easy to maintenance and replace the saber tooth.

    Shackle torque 262250N•m
    Rear vice rotation angle 21°
    Vice separation distance 300mm


    2.8 Lorry-mounted crane

    Random configuration: 3.2 t lorry crane. It is stable and convenient to operate according to the  manual.

    Maximum lifting weight 3.2T
    Maximum working range 6.32m
    Maximum lifting moment 6t•m


    2.9 Cabin

    Lift control cab, adjustable seats, equipped with air conditioning, greatly improved the operation comfort level of drilling rig, interior lights, windshield wipers, shade screens, shock absorption seats, such as configuration, suitable for operation.


    2.10 Independent operating room (Option)

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig equipped with the independent air conditioning room, where the operator is away from the vibration and noise of drilling and is comfortable to operate. XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig is equipped with the independent operating room and cannot be installed by the cabin.

     Input power 220V
    Operating room size (L X W X H mm) 3500X2438X2591
    Air conditioning power   1.5P


    2.11 Drill pipe(Option)

    The users can choose standard oil drill pipe or special double top type trenchless pipe. The expansion can choose cut back expansion type, expanding type, port type or other special reamer, whose diameter are from 300 mm to 1600 mm. Users can also choose other types and specifications of the short connection and transfer according to their own needs.

    Note: the biggest hole diameter and the the longest distance of construction is associated with the specific construction formation.

    Drill pipe diameter Φ140mm
    Drill pipe length 9600mm
    Two ends of drill pipe joint size 5-1/2FH


    3 The main technical parameters

    Item Unit Quality
    Power station engine Producer Cummins
    Type QSL8.9
    Rated power kW/ rpm 528 (264X2)/2100 kW/ r/min(QSL8.9, standard)
    Push and pull Type Eight  motor drive gear and rack type
    Biggest drag/feed force kN 3600/3600
    Power head speed m/min 0~25
    Rotary Type Five motor drive gear transmission
    Power head maximum torque N.m 110000
    Power head rotation speed r/min 0~76
    Drill stand Type Sliding box drill stand
    Adjustable angle ° 8~16
    Lorry-mounted crane Type Rotary arm straight telescopic crane
    Maximum lifting quality t 3.2
    Walking drive Type Steel crawler self-propelled
    Walking speed km/h 1.5
    Slurry pump Type Independent pump station(outside)
     Dimension mm 17500X3200X3550
    Host weight t 48T


    4. The main component configuration

    Engine Cummins
    Rotary pump Sauer
    Push and pull pump Sauer
    Rotary motor Rexroth
    Rotary reducer Brevini/Bonfiglioli
    Push&pull motor Rexroth
    Push and pull reducer Brevini/Bonfiglioli
    Controller Rexroth
    Main valve Sauer
    Pilot Sauer
    Track Xiangong, Hubei province
    Walking reducer Rexroth
    Lorry-mounted crane XCMG
    Hose coupler XCMG
    Oil cylinder XCMG


    5 XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig appearance and transportation


    Overall size 17500×3200×3550mm
    Weight 46T(XZ2860)/48T(XZ2860Plus)


    6. The transportation plan

    To meet the requirements of highway transportation, the host is dismantled two parts to transport. The car engine, hangar, rocker arm, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank, carriage, rocker arm and other parts in the upper cars. The drill body, power head, vice, anchor, lorry crane and other parts in the below cars.

    Upper vehicle overall size(Length*Width*Height)mm 17500X2400X2250
    Operating weight 17T


    Bottom part Overall size(Length*Width*Height)mm 9500X2950X3550
    Operating Weight 21T


    7. The documents

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig technical documents as the following:

    Product certificate

    Product specification

    Engine maintenance manual

    XZ2860 plus XCMG hdd rig operation instruction

    Lorry-mounted crane operation instructions and maintenance manual

    Mud pump maintenance manual (Option)

    Packing list (Including wearing parts and spare parts list, the accessory tools list)

    XCMG hdd rig XCMG hdd rig XCMG hdd rig XCMG hdd rig XCMG hdd rig

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