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  • XZ6600 XCMG horizontal drilling direction

    Engine power(kw) 565*2

    Max torque(N.m) 160000

    Max back pull force(kN) 6600

    Pipe size(mm*mm) 196*9600

    • Description

    XZ6600 XCMG horizontal drilling direction

    Technical Specification

    Product model: XZ6600 XCMG horizontal drilling direction

    Manufacturer: XCMG GROUP

    XZ6600 XCMG horizontal drilling direction adopts full hydraulic pressure drive, steel crawler walking, energy-saving circuit, electro-hydraulic proportional control and load sensitive control and a number of advanced control technology and the company’s proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and control technology reached the international advanced level. Hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electric control system and other main components choose the first-class international brand products with the high reliability. The machine has the low center of gravity and good stability. Independent operation room with air conditioning and camera, separated from the host, provide the operator with capacious and comfortable working environment and a good field of vision.


    I.The introduction of the technology

    1. Hybrid system

    Adopting two engine and two sets of completely independent hydraulic system. A single engine can complete all movements of the whole vehicle. The application of advanced PLC control technology of real-time monitoring and control of two of the rotating speed of engine and hydraulic pump output flow and pressure change, making sure that the engine dynamic equilibrium output, without interference. Engine control has high reliability. There is no need in manual operating. All the work can be done by the built-in controller automatically.

    Engineering construction are small and pilot-hole construction. A single engine can complete construction, saving construction cost. Double engine or single engine working alone. The two kinds of working mode ensure the work most efficiency of the hydraulic system.

    The machine adopts energy-saving circuit and load sensitive control and electrohydraulic proportional control, several advanced control technology. The imported components are reliable in quality. Rotate and push and pull systems are equipped with high-pressure filtering device, ensuring that valuable components can be used for a long time.

    1. High configuration

    The main components are imported famous brand of drilling rig, reliable performance, high efficiency. The main pump and the motor are selected from the international well-known products with longer service life.

    Rotation and push-pull deceleration pause with large torque output ability of reducer can ensure strong power and long service life.

    1. PLC control

    Adopting imported controller, a comprehensive monitoring and testing of the engine and hydraulic system of power output, pressure, flow rate, reaction speed, high resolution display. The digital  instrument is easy to setup, operate and understand.

    1. Rotary

    The high speed motor drive with imported reducer drive gear box, gear speed, stepless speed regulation, high pressure automatic protection, a digital operation platform. The pressure is easy to set up and the operation is simple.

    1. Pushand pull

    Alloy steel gear rack and push-pull, speeds, stepless speed regulation, high work efficiency. Push and pull reducer have the output torque and long life. Due to the complicated geological conditions, there is big impact and will not damage to speed reducer.

    1. Independent operation room (optional)

    Equipped with independent control center. The control and operation can finish in the operation room with the comfortable room. Work station is concentrated in the operating room, equipped with several stop device which ensures the security of the machine and the operator.

    1. Engine

    Imported from turbine torque efi engine, the engine can save the fuel, reserve power and ensure that the needs of the drilling power and emergency.

    1. Drill stand

    High-strength drill stand can adapt to the different length of drill pipe. The drilling frame can slide, the use of oil cylinder sliding. The adjustment of the angle is safe and convenient.

    1. Three claw type drill pipe holder

    The full floating holder, shackle torque, China’s largest clamping force of gripper can ensure reliable construction. Lorry crane makes loading and unloading drill rod efficiently and save energy.

    1. Caterpillar

    Steel crawler self-propelled chassis, walking wire control operation, site quickly and easily.

    1. Standard camera

    Operating indoor integrated camera. At the same time, the operator can observe the condition of the power head and pipe holder to ensure that the correct tool clamping.


    II. The main technical parameters

    Item Technical parameters
    Power station engine Producer VOLVO
    Model TAD1643
    Rated power 2X565kW / 1800r/min
    Walking engine Producer  Dongfeng Cummins
    Model 6CTA8.3-C180
    Rated power 132kW / 2200r/min
    Power head push and pull Type Six motor drive gear rack transmission
    Rated pulling/feeding force 6600/6600 kN
    Running speed of power unit 28 m/min
    Lift 11000mm
    Rotation Type High-speed motor drive reducer
    Max.torque of power unit 160000 N·m
    Rotation speed of power unit 0-90 r/min
    Drill stem Type Standard API oil drill pipe
    Diameter Φ168mm,Φ194mm
    Length (single piece) 9600mm
    Drill stand Type Sliding box drill stand, take away the bedplate
    Adjust the Angle 8-16°
    Lorry-mounted crane(option) Type self-propelled steel crawler
    Maximum lifting quality 5T
    Travel Driving Type Self-propelled steel tracks
    Travel speed 1km/h
    Climbing ability (%)  30 %
    Total weight 58T
    Overall dimensions 18500 x 2500 x 3600mm
    Power station dimensions 7500 x 2300 x 2400mm
    Operation room dimensions (internal) 3500 x 2100 x 2300mm


    III The main parts subsidiary

    1.The core parts subsidiary:

    Name Manufacturer
    Power station engine VOLVO
    Walking engine Dongfeng Cummins Engine
    Main pump REXRO
    Rotary motor REXRO
    Push and pull motor REXRO
    Hand shank SAUER
    Rotating speed reducer  BONFIGLIOL
    Push and pull reducer  BONFIGLIOL
    Walking speed reducer REXRO
    Lorry-mounted crane XCMG GROUP
    Controller REXRO
     Display Pal-Fin


    IV. Options

    1. Drill stem and drill tools

    Choose Shanghai Baosteel or BHNK oil drill stem and tools. Back to enlarge head can choose cut- expanding type and squeeze-expanding type, whose diameter are from 400 mm to 2000 mm.

    1. Guide system

    Using wireless or wired controller system. Option: Ningbo Goldland or the DCI controller system.

    1. Slurry pump system

    Choose Lanzhou Shengda or Rick device prizing slurry pump. Slurry pump is horizontal triplex reciprocating single-acting piston pump, driven by diesel engine. The slurry mud pump is driven by clutch, gearbox and so on. By the high pressure, water supply pipe is connected to the host.

    1. Slurry mixing system

    Choose 20 cubic meters of slurry mixing plant.


    V. The accessory technical documents

    The following technical documents are provided for XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig

    Packing list

    Certificate of conformity

    XZ6600 XCMG horizontal drilling direction operation instructions

    Engine operation instructions

    Note: The products will be improved along with the technical advancement and the difference will be defined during ordering.

    xcmg horizontal drilling directionxcmg horizontal drilling direction

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